Old School RuneScape May Add Shooting Stars Skill Activity in Future Update

Old School RuneScape is looking for feedback on a new one Shooting Star Skill Activity, similar to the one currently available in RuneScape. This will give you another way to earn mining XP while also introducing a new star hunting feature.

Jagex hopes to conduct a poll in the coming weeks after getting more player feedback. However, based on the results of an impromptu poll in a recent livestream, the content appears to be a success – 79% voted in favor of adding Shooting Stars.

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The Shooting Stars skill activity is fairly straightforward, but provides a whole new experience for OSRS players. “Shooting stars fall on Gielinor and players can mine them for XP and rewards,” the ad read. “Players use telescopes to determine when and where they might land. On each world, a shooting star will drop to a random location selected from a predetermined list approximately every two hours (with a variation of up to 15 minutes for them. prevent being too predictable). ”

While you may accidentally stumble upon stars during your adventures, Jagex said that “devoted hunters can use telescopes in their player-owned house to determine the approximate landing location of the next.” Different telescopes will be available, each with a different degree of precision – the better the telescope, the more you will learn about the impending star.

In addition to the 50% bonus XP Mining, Stars will also offer Stardust, a non-exchangeable currency that can be used to purchase exclusive items and gear. Here’s a quick look at the Stardust Store’s offered inventory:

  • Bag full of gems

  • Soft clay package

  • Essence pack

  • Star fragment

  • Celestial Ring

Old School RuneScape recently launched on Steam, and it looks like Jagex is wasting no time in bringing new content to its new players. The Shooting Star poll has yet to go live, but it will likely have 8 questions when it finally arrives in the voting booth. If all goes well, expect to see stars falling all over Gielinor in the coming months.

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