Old School RuneScape (OSRS) lags, FPS drops or crashes as mobile after update recognized

The classic RuneScape was developed and published by Jagex. The game is popular in video multiplayer as of February 2013. Since the introduction of the game, many improvements have been made through regular updates.

Nevertheless, since the installation of recent updates, many Old School RuneScape players have reported different types of issues with the game such as FPS drops, lags and crashes.

RuneScape lag and FPS drop issue.

Many OSRS gamers have taken to social platforms to report that they are facing low FPS and encountering issues on mobile that render the game completely unplayable.

Here is some information from the people involved:


Since they started implementing mobile improvements, it has slowly changed how they look. The game just ends with random crashes. Today the frames are too low, they’re not too fun, so I try to afk mine, but I’m not one of those who work too hard. (I have an iPhone 11) (Source)

It’s only an hour and a half during the mlm, but not when the grass is flowing (although slight lags still occur). Sometimes it completely closes the app in no way. I had never seen this before the last update. Anyone with the same experience? (Source)

Despite this, Jagex Support have acknowledged the injury issue and confirmed they are currently investigating.

I hope this workaround helps you so that the developers can fix this problem. You can take this photo here.

Workaround for lagging issue:

If you suffer from a lot of lag while playing on mobile, be sure to turn off respawn times and restart the app. I had this problem today, until my clan mates told me the problem solved. Hope this helps someone. (Source)

RuneScape: a scolded version of Old School.

There is no doubt that some gamers lied about mobile gaming. Affected people say that the game crashes and crashes randomly.

Here are the reports that can be drawn from the survey.


The bad news is for me since they started implementing mobile improvements. The game had just ended with random crashes. And now, today, the frames are so low, it’s next to impossible to play, and that’s just because I tried to afk mine, nothing too expensive. (I have an iPhone 11), please refer me.

I don’t know what happened but I get random crashes when I go to teleport or last month, catacombs are an exception. I had no problem cutting teak and handling ticks before, then this started. I had a bad time, I lost track of my wife, but I still don’t know if it’s my phone or server side. Hoping someone else has an answer or someone else has some issues. (Source)

Luckily, the support team admitted that the game can be beat by FPS, but they are still working to fix them.

Additionally, they stated that this issue was apparently caused by on-screen overlays. Therefore, disabling such overlays such as mining or logging timers will help those affected to mitigate it.

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