Old School RuneScape (OSRS) Nex patch notes for January 5

A brand new update for Old-fashioned runic landscape (OSRS) will arrive on January 5 and feature the return of Nex, the fifth overall.

The update will be free to all players and is expected to launch at 11:30 GMT. If you’re excited to learn more, here are all the details on the highly anticipated OSRS updated for January 5, including full patch notes and details.

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Old School RuneScape | Outside now



Old School RuneScape | Outside now





Old School Runescape – Nex: The Fifth General

Announced in December 2021, the January 5 update to Old School RuneScape will feature the return of Nex: The Fifth General. The update will allow groups of up to 80 players to band together to defeat Nex and receive valuable rewards.

According to OSRS wiki, key changes have been made to Nex since the original release in 2011. The following changes have been made to better suit the community of OSRS:

  • Originally, players would get four pieces of a frozen key (left by NPCs of each faction inside their fortresses). In Old School RuneScape, players must complete a mini-quest, The Frozen Door, to open the Frozen Door, requiring the completion of Desert Treasure and the death of each of the God Wars generals or their bodyguards. The key is also disposable, which gives permanent access to the old prison without having to bring and / or repair the key.
  • In RuneScape, the number of casualties to reach Nex’s chamber could be avoided by wearing ancient ceremonial robes; however, since ecumenical keys exist in the old school, robes do not have the ability to skip kill counts, although they do provide monk robe stats rather than being purely cosmetic.
  • New rewards have been offered rather than copying Nex’s drop table as it was in 2011.
  • Boss fight mechanics have received some modifications and balance adjustments to accommodate Old School RuneScape, although the fight is still largely similar to what it was in 2011.

Along with the release of Nex, the developers also revealed that League III is set for release on January 19, with more details on the Shattered Relics arriving in the coming weeks.

Be sure to check out the official patch notes for today’s update further down in this article.

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Old School Runescape (OSRS) update and patch notes for January 5

Below are the official patch notes for January 5. OSRS update. For more details, be sure to visit the official website RuneScape website.

The old prison

So, hypothetically speaking, how could one enter this “ancient prison”? The more discerning among you will have noticed that we released a short mini-quest, “The Frozen Door”, on December 16th.

Without spoiling anything, completing this will guarantee entry into the prison, where you’ll meet Ashuelot Reis, a Guthix follower who has dedicated herself to the unenviable task of containing Nex. She will give your group a brief overview of the prison complex before asking all of you to join her outside Nex’s room.

The prison is filled with enemies of Nex’s army: spirit warriors, mages and rangers, as well as delicious-sounding Blood Reavers.

The format here should be familiar to anyone who has conquered the rest of the God Wars dungeon – defeating Nex’s minions adds to your Ancient Essences count, and when it hits 40, you’ll be able to enter the boss room. However, not all beasts are created equal, and some will give you more Essence than others!

If you are feeling magnanimous, you can bypass all of these senseless murders with an Ecumenical Key, which will allow you to enter Nex’s room directly. You can also reduce the gasoline requirement by completing combat achievement levels.

Your number of essences is displayed on the Kill Count interface, but it will be hidden until you unlock the frozen door. Once you’ve reached (or bypassed) the required amount of Essence, you can proceed to the inner chamber.

We don’t want to reveal too much about the battle itself, but let’s just say it will test you!

The rewards

This melee set consists of a full helmet, a plate body, and a pair of rather stylish plate legs. It offers better offensive and defensive capabilities than the Bandos set, but lacks the defensive chops and delicious prayer bonus offered by Justiciar.

You will notice that at the drop, the parts of the Torva set are broken and not equipable. This is what happens when you leave your armor lying around in a frozen prison for centuries! You will need to repair it using components salvaged from the Bandos set. An oven in the Frozen Prison will allow you to break down your Bandos gear and obtain tradable Bandosian components in return. Combine them with the broken Torva pieces, and bam! Here is your new melee set.

There are no skills required to break down the parts of Bandos, but you will need a level 90 or above Blacksmith to use them to repair the Torva set.

Here is the number of components you will get per part:

  • Bandos breastplate: 3 components
  • Bandos tassets: 2 components

Note that Bandos boots cannot be broken down into components. We made this decision to preserve the potential sink of Bandos Chestplate / Tassets items. By the way, have you ever tried to attach a pair of boots to a breastplate? You would look ridiculous!

Either way, here’s how many Bandosian components you’ll need to repair Torva parts:

  • Torva Helm: 1 component
  • Torva breastplate: 2 components
  • Torva flat legs: 2 components

Bandosian components and broken and repaired Torva parts are all exchangeable.

You will need at least 80 Defense to wear the Torva set.

  • Zaryte’s Armguards
  • Zaryte crossbow
  • Ancient divine sword

(See RuneScape website for the above reward stats)

This set consists of a mask, top, legs, gloves and boots. It has the same stats as monk robes and will be added to the collection journal.

If you are familiar with the Nex of yore, please note that wearing items from this set not Allows you to bypass the ancient essence requirement to unlock the boss room.

Additional information

  • You will need a minimum kill count of 50 to appear on Nex HiScores.
  • Monster Examine is currently not powerful enough to examine Nex statistics.
  • Hardcore Group Iron players cannot battle Nex alongside players outside of their group and will be kicked from the boss room if other people are in the arena at the start of the fight. It works just like The Nightmare.
  • Regular Group Iron players can complete the challenge with others, but will receive many warnings as it will cause them to lose their Group Prestige. Again, this works just like The Nightmare.
  • Ecumenical key fragments are not exchangeable. 50 shards can be converted into a single key. If you are limited on ecumenical keys, you will not be able to forge a new one.
  • Blood Essence is stackable, tradable, and can be activated, making it non-tradable. A player can only have one blood essence active at a time. If you craft a Blood Rune with an activated Blood Essence in your Backpack, you will have the option to craft additional Blood Runes. An essence has 1000 additional runes / blood charges and the chance to trigger the effect is 50% per rune.
  • Nex has the chance to drop a pet! Take good care of it!
  • Nex can be fought solo in a private instance. Instances are unlocked by completing the Hard Combat Achievements level, after which you can purchase an instance for 150,000 GP per entry. Higher levels of combat success reduce this cost.

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