Old School RuneScape Plans To Change Wilderness Boss Redesigns After Community Feedback

As with all things Old School RuneScapethe community had a chance to comment on the announced Wilderness Boss redesigns, and Jagex responded to some of the key points raised.

Some of the questions raised by the OSRS community on boss rework submissions fell into a few categories. Some were requests for clarity on where something might actually be, with the original proposal discussing random exits and different boss lair moves in an overall cave. Others were concerned about obtaining certain gear, including unique items and the possibility of rare items becoming even rarer.

Additional comments focused on feature proposals. For example, the ability to peek into a boss’s lair and find out if anyone is there, never knowing who or how many (is it the boss alone? Is it a group attacking the boss? Is it inactive PKers? Who knows?). Players were concerned that someone might have a scout account they wouldn’t otherwise use, which could disrupt the new feature and discourage real interactions.

The answer here was that there could be a requirement for this new system, which could mean a level gate, a fee, a boss kill requirement, or other criteria, or a combination of things to do the look something you have to weigh as a decision..

There was also confusion about where things were, alternate one-way combat routes, and whether bosses would drop unique ones that players would expect. One thing the team committed to doing was that due to the confusion over one-way combat alternatives, they will present them in a user-friendly way to make it easier for players to enter the new system.

You can see all community feedback points and development team response at Old school RuneScape.

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