‘Old School RuneScape’ PvP Master Hunts Down Elusive YouTuber to Claim Record-Breaking Bounty

As Old School RuneScape approaching its 10th anniversary, it’s safe to say that while the game receives regular content updates, the core of its gameplay remains unchanged.

What have changed, however, are the innovative ways that OSRS content creators tell stories in-game. Whether it’s complete all quests in the game in their original release orderWhere lock a character in the arid swamp region of the gamethe Runescape The community has no shortage of fascinating series to choose from – and C Engineer’s latest series is no exception.

The Swedish YouTuber’s series took one of the toughest account types in gaming, an “ironman” character that forbids a player from trading with others, and swore to only play on Player vs. Player worlds (PvP). Not only did this mean that C Engineer had to grind for every piece of gear while slaying thousands of monsters himself, but other players could attack his character at any time to steal his hard-earned items.

If that wasn’t enough, C Engineer offered a bounty to the first player to kill him, further hampering his progress through the game by forcing him to be constantly on alert for marauding bounty hunters and teleport. C Engineer even provided his in-game name, letting players know when he logs in and out.

The series started in March 2021 with a brand new account and a bounty of 50 million gold coins (gp). Sixteen months later, and C Engineer is looking for endgame gear and offers crowdfunding bounty of 16 billion gp to his killer.

As a frame of reference, the the most expensive item in the gamewhich can only be obtained by completing rare and difficult treasure hunts in the game, costs around 2.1 billion gp, and that runeplate body you spent your entire childhood chasing only costs 40,000 gp .

Of course, this absurd bounty (and its accompanying infamy) was too much for PvPers to resist. C Engineer has had a number of close calls throughout the series – watch any video from this project and you’ll see the veteran player dodging dozens of attacks from desperate bounty hunters, sometimes escaping with only a few life points to spare.

C Engineer’s luck changed earlier this week when dedicated PKer Westham and his team finally killed their elusive target, claiming the 16 billion gp bounty and ending the Ironman PvP streak after 32 videos.

In his video, Westham shows off his team’s surveillance system for C Engineer and eventually catches him aboard a ship for Zulrah, a popular boss for late-game players to fight for unique weapon drops.

The fight begins with Westham’s team casting a “telelock” spell on C Engineer, preventing him from quickly escaping using teleportation. The victim frantically attempts to fend off his attackers by repeatedly crossing the gangway to and from the ship. He has no chance to retaliate against the party, but if he dodges attacks for ten seconds, he can log out of the game and escape. Unfortunately for him, the attackers catch up to him and ultimately deal 64 damage (about 75% of his total health) in a single hit to earn the kill and the biggest bounty in Runescape the story.

The videos of this fight from both perspectives are worth watching. C Engineer Video puts a great cap on the whole series, which combines knowledge about the game, creative training methods, and even lessons about Swedish culture. And of course, Westham’s video captures the excitement of tracking down that bounty and finally doing what hundreds of others couldn’t.

In the end, it was C Engineer’s dedication to progressing and building his account that killed him. Instead of training non-combat related skills in isolation and disconnecting each time he encountered another player, he continued his quest for the next great piece of gear by battling Zulrah, knowing it might leave him exposed.

C Engineer is just one of Old School RuneScape great storytellers. While this series may be over, there are still innovative ideas from him and other creators that keep the magic of Gielinor alive.

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