Old School Runescape Temple of the Eye Quest Guide

The Old School Runescape runecraft skill is known for the difficulty players experience when training it, as the process of creating runes involves highly targeted inputs and long-distance travel to perform at an efficient pace. However, with the release of the Guardians of the Rift minigame, skilled players can condense their runecrafting to the far reaches of the Temple of the Eye, resulting in a faster and easier runecrafting experience.

To reach the Eye Temple, players must first complete its eponymous Eye Temple quest. This requires them to gain base progression in their runecraft skill.


Players must first complete the Rune Mysteries quest to initially unlock the runecraft skill. Additionally, completion of the following Into the Abyss mini-quest is required to access the Abyss, a runecrafting location with access to all available elemental altars. A minimum of level 10 runecraft is also required to begin this quest, enough for players to gain a reasonable understanding of how runecrafting as a technique works.

Very few material contributions are required of the player, as the only items needed to complete the quest are a chisel, a bucket of water, and the best pickaxe their mining level will allow them to equip. All of these items will be kept by the player throughout the events of the quest.

To speed up completion, transportation between Varrock and Al-Kharid, such as teleports, can get players from one quest objective to another much faster. Additionally, players should wear as many pieces of the Graceful Outfit as they can unlock, as their weight reduction properties will make it easier to race between objectives during the quest.

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Mia Persten’s eye for detail

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Next to Al-Kharid Oasis, just beyond Lumbridge Gate, is the sorceress Persten, who has discovered an eye-shaped amulet linked to her Sorcerer’s Order which she believes originates of the Abyss. She tasks the player with taking the amulet to the Abyss and casting an Abyss-specific spell on it to trace its origins.

Herbert tea

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The player then requests the aid of Herbert, the Zamorakian mage from Varrock who first connected them to the Abyss, for further assistance in examining the amulet. Herbert first asks the player to bring him a bucket of water and a cup of strong tea from the Varrock tea vendor. After tasting his tea, Herbert offers to teleport the player to the heart of the Abyss, on the condition that he uses the bucket of water to give his dark mage a bath.

The dark (and moderately tempered) mage

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While teleporting to the Abyss, the player can use their bucket of water to give their resident mage a bath, i.e. randomly throw its contents at the clothed man. Freshly “cleansed”, the black mage will cast a spell on the amulet to triangulate its original location. Casting this spell requires the aid of the player, where they must order the six runic energies of the abyss – earth, cosmic, fire, nature, death, and law.

By clicking on each energy, at least one will turn white. The player must document – on paper, in the game’s chat bar, or however they prefer – the order in which these energies turn white, as this specific pattern is randomized for each player. Each incorrect attempt to hit an energy source will disable other active energies, meaning players will re-enter their blueprint multiple times through trial and error.

By completing the puzzle, the player will receive an incantation which, when read, will teleport the player to the origin of the amulet.

With a little help from my friends

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Taking the incantation back to Persten, she comes to the conclusion that it will require more magical power, offering to teleport the player to the Sorcerer’s Tower. Once there, the player will encounter Archmage Sedridor in the basement, who will then task the wizard Traiborn and his three apprentices – Felix, Cordelia, and Tamara – with the incantation.

Players must first help the three apprentices determine the value of a “thingummywut”, based on the value of the following runes and clues given by the apprentices.

  • Aerial — three
  • fire – four
  • Earth – five
  • Water – six
  • Body – seven

Eventually, finding the answer to Traiborn’s puzzle to be 11, players will then be teleported to the Temple of the Eye.

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