Old School Runescape vs Runescape 3 Gameplay/Skills/XP/Level (OSRS vs RS3)

Old School Runescapeor OSRS, and Runescape 3 (Where Runescape/RS3) are very different games. We’ve covered their key technical, monetization, and combat differences in previous pieces, and in this article, we’ll explain the more general gameplay differences between the two games.

Main differences in quality of life

In Runescape 3, there are many new quality of life features. The base XP skill tables, for example, haven’t been revised to require much less XP per level to make the game easier, but a lot of the annoyances surrounding skills and various mechanics have been reduced.

There are many features like this in RS3. For example, players have a tool belt that stores a wide variety of tools so players don’t have to fill inventory slots with tools. There’s a coin bag so players don’t have to fill up inventory slots with gold either.

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When mining, it is much easier to deposit your ore and return to mining. With hotbars in RS3, you can link items to your hotbar for easy access, making a wide variety of things much faster. Features like these are scattered throughout RS3’s many different systems.

For some in the Old school community, these changes just make RS3 easier, with some going so far as to call the game Easyscape. In reality, it’s more complicated than that. Making a long journey through the game world in OSRS as Ironman only to realize that you haven’t brought the tool you need or the insane boredom of inventory management – heavy skills like mining or blacksmithing just isn’t fun for most players.

In Old school, in a combat situation or in PvP, equipping the perfect inventory is an interesting tactical decision. You can only bring a limited number of tools with you, so you will need to plan your strategy by effectively using the items you have chosen to bring. When skilling or questing, inventory restrictions can seem a lot more tedious.

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In Runescape 3, more quality of life features make inventory management less important and tactical and managing your inventory while questing and skilling is made less tedious and more engaging. Depending on your personal preferences, there are pros and cons to these changes.

XP and level differences

Some people in the Runescape community thinks leveling works fundamentally differently in Runescape 3 than in OSRS. Not true, but leveling is still much faster in Runescape 3. On the one hand, with all the quality of life features built into Runescape 3 upgrading a wide variety of skills is faster, so you can earn more XP per hour. More, Runescape 3 is in general more AFKable than OSRS, so passive XP acquisition is easier to do.

When you mix XP boost items (which you don’t have to use) with all of these other changes, leveling becomes much easier to do even when the XP required per level isn’t massively different from the OSRS.

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In the end, leveling up in Runescape 3 is faster. You can enter the endgame in an extremely reasonable amount of time, and even maxing out a character is reasonably possible for all players, even those who don’t have the hours and hours to devote to the game every day for years and years and years.

Whether or not this makes the game so much easier that its rewarding sense of constant progression is undermined or whether all the good is still there without as much boredom is often a personal decision. Moreover, it is often a decision influenced by the type of time a player can devote to the game.

Is working for an hour to complete a goal less rewarding than taking two or three hours to complete the game objective? Does the answer change if you have to repeat this grind for hundreds of hours? The answers here are quite relative to both the player and the specific grind in question.

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Long grinds are generally less tedious and frustrating in RS3, which is great, but shorter grinds are generally less rewarding than in OSRS, which is less enjoyable. Overview, however, OSRS is about the journey to peaking your skills, while in Runescape 3maxing out skills gets you to the endgame content you’ll want to check out.

Differences in balance and encounter

Damage numbers and health pools are different in RS3, and generally enemies have more health and players do more damage. There are many changes to this effect spread over countless encounters.

As a result, early game encounters tend to feel easier, with monsters falling quicker and proving less difficult to master, while late-game content offers considerable challenge and forces players to take advantage of new challenges. a wide variety of mechanisms to defeat their enemies.

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This kind of balance also makes more sense in the context where there is much, much more content in Runescape 3 than there is in Old school. For example, there are like 3x the quests in Runescape 3 that in Old school. There are more raids and endgame content in RS3. Power creep in general is unavoidable to some extent with an actively supported MMO for a long time.

However, some players like an immediate challenge. They want combat encounters to require tactical positioning, decent gear, and a certain level of intelligence from the start to come out on top. They don’t want to shoot brainless zombies to improve their skills and face real enemies.

Some players want the opposite. They want combat to be simple at first so they can get to grips with a game’s many systems. They want enemies to fall while they learn the controls and experience how the game is best played. Next, they want the difficulty level to increase so they can use what they’ve learned to take on tougher enemies without getting too frustrated.

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Old school is a challenging game throughout, and Runescape 3 becomes a difficult game. What you prefer will depend on who you are as a person and what you personally enjoy in a game.

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