Old School showcases RuneScape Tombs of Amascut, while Jagex talks tech on a new launcher

Old School RuneScape receives Tombs of Amascut next month and has an update on the progress of the Desert story continuation and raid preparation. Jagex also has a tech post about the design process behind the recently released Jagex launcher.

The Desert story will continue and the official description of what awaits in the Narrative Raid is complete:

“Long ago, the citizens of the Kharidian Desert led prosperous and luxurious lives. All that changed when Amascut, the Goddess of Rebirth, became corrupted and deformed. She became the Devourer, determined to consume all souls Deep in the desert, an ancient tomb has long hidden great power – and she is determined to harness it at all costs.

Of course, that means you’ll have to face him after going through his grave. The progress message includes the requirements for taking on this raid, your skill level (62 agility, 55 crafting, 55 firecrafting), and even information about the bosses you’ll face and possible rewards. There are four bosses in the tombs for you to defeat, and the rewards are stacked with special armor, gear to upgrade yourself, a magic shield, and more.

You can read preview nor details on each of the bosses and loot items if you want the full spoilers.

True to the strong community contribution in the game, there are also two new related competitions. The first is a design contest for the login screen to reflect Tombs of Amascut and the story of the desert. The second is a short story equally relevant to desert lore, Amascut tombs or the desert. The top winning story will end up in an in-game book.

When it comes to the Jagex launcher, the mobile versions have some relevance. When Runescape released on mobile last year, and with OSRS Mobile support coming, the teams decided to create similar secure layers and use what was already working on mobile to create a central, and again, more secure desktop experience.

You can read the full technical explanation at Runescape.

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