Onesies, Facebook and no booze: How the Finder team is saving money in July

With the cost of living rising, here’s what we’re doing to spend less, save more, and make our money grow in July.

It’s no secret that the cost of living is rising. With the cash rate expected to continue to climb throughout the year and inflation expected to rise further, it’s time to get creative and look for ways to cut and save.

For some inspiration, here are some things the Finder team is doing to save money this month.

“I emptied my cupboards over the weekend and found a bunch of things that I no longer need or use but are in perfect condition. I sold all of them. most online on Facebook Marketplace and I’ve made $150 so far Not only is doing a deep clean really therapeutic, but you’d be surprised how much money you can get for some things you might think are worthless – Alison Banney, Bank and Super Writer

“With soaring electricity prices, I haven’t turned on my heating yet this winter. When the nights get chilly, I slip on a hooded fleece pajama top and stay as warm as toast. The hood is important – I don’t want the heat leaking out of my bald bone!” – Angus Kidman, Editor

Photo not described “I’m trying Dry July this month and would be interested to see how much money I can save. A quick round of beers at a pub in The Rocks in Sydney cost me over $50 a few weeks ago Reducing these costs should quickly translate into a decent saving.” – James Martin, Senior Insurance Writer

“I pay more attention than ever to the unit price of labels in the supermarket. Brand appeal means nothing to me. Why pay $3 for a 500g pack of pasta if I can pay $2.50? 🍝 this way, every dollar goes further.” – Dylan Crismale, Utilities Writer

“A visit to the dentist only costs me $13. When I think I need to have a medical exam, I buy a life insurance policy. There is no waiting period for general dental care and you don’t have to pay a spread fee for exams at some dentists.They may try to get you x-rays, but if you’ve had them fairly recently, tell them you don’t have any. no need. – Gary Hunter, Insurance Writer

Photo not described“I’ve always been focused on reducing food waste. Not only does it do a little bit for Mother Nature (all praising Gaia), but it saves money. My tasty tip – I keep as much leftover veggies I can and I use them I also find the local butchers are happy to give you bones to throw away for free This leaves me with a ton of liquid gold (not legal tender) which I use as a base for curries, soups, marinades, etc. And the meals taste better! Not just because they’re homemade and I like to be smug, but because I saved a few more dollars.” – Tegan Jones, Global Journals Editor

Not so fun fact: food waste costs Australian households $1,038 a year. Eating your leftovers is an easy way to save money.

“Growing up, I hated second-hand items. Now that I have a kid myself, I love them. I’m on my first child, so I didn’t buy clothes BUT I have friends who are in between kids. They let me borrow what they don’t use, which has saved me hundreds (maybe thousands) of dollars for clothes my kid won’t be using only for a few months. It also frees up storage space at my friends’. It’s a win-win, really.” – Stephanie Yip, travel writer

Photo not described“I treat every insurance renewal as a starting offer. My recent home insurance premium renewal just went up $1,000 from last year, so I searched Finder and found found a home insurance policy for $1,400 less!” – Sarah Megginson, Editorial Manager

“I save 4% on my groceries every time I shop using discounted gift cards to pay. These are offered as a benefit with select subscriptions and services including Red Energy, NRMA , RACQ, RACV and Employment Hero.Most Coles and Woolworths gift card discounts are around 2%-4%, but you can get other gift cards offering savings of up to 10% , so it’s worth checking before buying something new.” – Amy Bradney-George, Finder Green and Senior Credit Card Writer

Want your money to work harder for you? You can invest in an ETF, open a high-interest savings account, or for an even higher return, check out Finder Earn. Or if you’re looking for more ways to save, here are 50 money-saving tips to get you started.

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