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COVID-19 has accelerated the preference for online convenience among grocery shoppers, with nearly eight in 10 who switched during the pandemic saying they wanted to avoid traditional supermarket islands. Research commissioned by ING Bank also finds gains can be had by doing weekly grocery shopping online, with consumers saving almost $1,370 a year and getting the equivalent of an extra-long weekend in time. . The national survey of more than a thousand adults finds around six in 10 are willing to save time and avoid crowds by ditching in-person trips to stores. Some 33% also think going online is generally more economical, while 31% say it’s a good way to limit impulse purchases. According to Amy Cunningham, head of digital at ING, research suggests that buying groceries remotely could be one of the easiest ways to save money. “The $1,369 saved by the average buyer can cover two months of utility bills or the costs of a year of swimming lessons for a child,” she said. “Plus, saving time to do the things that matter most is a real added benefit.” The survey also found that more than one in five respondents have taken out a meal kit subscription and their stated motivation is, again, primarily to save money (76%). Despite this, Choice Magazine says food boxes containing kits can be a bit more expensive than in-person purchases, although the two are similar if delivery costs are factored in for the latter. Even so, Ms Cunningham says ‘Australians don’t always pay for convenience and could actually save money by using it’. Nearly eight in 10 (78%) respondents to the ING survey said avoiding busy stores was the reason they now order more groceries online than before the pandemic. The same proportion said they wanted to save money on food this year, whether at restaurants (41%) or at the grocery store (38%). And nearly three-quarters (71%) of parents and guardians who took part said they were looking to save money by looking for the best deals online. Australian Associated Press


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