OSRS Board Game Kickstarter Launching Soon

RuneScape and Old School RuneScape games are legendary games. Even after two decades, both RuneScape games are still going strong. Technically, Old School RuneScape was released much later, but it’s still a re-release of the original. Role-playing games and MMORPGs were initially niche genres, but over time many people began to appreciate the complexity of these genres. Dungeons and Dragons used to only be considered for nerds and geeks, but now it’s become a household activity, and finding a group to throw D20s with is much easier than it used to be.

These days, many games are starting to make the leap into the real world. There are now table games and board games of many popular video games. Playing in person rather than online has a different feel and offers human interaction and a unique atmosphere. Now RuneScape is getting not one but two tabletop games. However, this article only focuses on the RuneScape board game which is launching on Kickstarter soon.

Not much is known about the RuneScape board game at this time. Steamforged Games, the board game developers, gave a summary of what players can do and what it is. This includes exploring the terrain and upgrading OSRS elements. Players may be able to trade OSRS gold in the board game for maximum immersion, but that’s just wishful thinking.

Let’s see what you can expect from the RuneScape board game. From the little that we know, there is still a lot that could be proposed.

What is RuneScape Board Game?

Steam Forged Games are developing the RuneScape board game. They are a successful company that has been developing tabletop games for quite some time now. They implement a new version of RuneScape and offer a familiar escape into a new medium.

The RuneScape board game is a collective experience. It allows 1 to 5 players to play together and discover the RuneScape universe in the form of a board game. Players will be able to participate in classic RuneScape quests and campaigns from its 20-year history. These quests will take you to places in Gielinor.

However, the classic quests have not yet been specified, but there are some great quests in Old School RuneScape. Some are funny, and some have great story arcs. Goblin Diplomacy and Monkey Madness are fun and iconic quests from Old School RuneScape.

You will also be able to develop skills and meet classic RuneScape characters. It hasn’t been detailed yet, but OSRS gold could make its way into the board game. Considering that the board game will allow you to craft and upgrade your equipment and gear, OSRS general practitioner will probably play a role.

We still have no idea what the board looks like, how big it is, or what’s included. People already seem excited about the release of the RuneScape board game. The Kickstarter page currently has over 4,000 subscribers waiting to be notified when the game launches.

RuneScape Board Game Kickstarter Pledges?

Since the Kickstarter hasn’t gone live yet, no one knows what the pledges will be. But like all Kickstarters, there will be different pledges depending on how much you spend. I doubt it contains in-game items like OSRS gold for RuneScape but more collectible coins for the board game. Things like more character miniatures, different dice, or more cards. These are only examples; we don’t know what will be used or included in the board game. I can guarantee that they will provide plenty of incentives for fans who purchase a higher tier.

When will it officially come out?

There is currently no official release for the RuneScape board game or Kickstarter launch. The Kickstarter for the RuneScape board game will launch this year. Projects funded on Kickstarter take time to invest in and then take a few months to release. Of course, the funding time frame is entirely up to the project creator.

If we look at it logically, the RuneScape board game will probably be officially released around the holidays or early next year. It depends on when the Kickstarter will open and allow pledges and if they reach their goal or not. So, depending on how quickly they reach their goals and when they can complete and ship the board game, they’ll cut it very close to releasing it this year.

Until Steamforged Games officially announces when the Kickstarter will launch, no one knows when it will be released. The Kickstarter page says it’s coming in 2022, but things are delayed.


In short, RuneScape and Old School RuneScape fans will have a lot to look forward to with this board game. The RuneScape Board Game will let you and your friends experience classic RuneScape mechanics and visit locations across Gielinor. While visiting these places, you will encounter side quests and other NPCs. Steamforged Games excels in creating board games. If you want updates on this board game, check out the Kickstarter and promise something if you want additional content.

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