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With recent discussions regarding gambling and real-world trading within the community, we have taken up the rules of the game. First of all, it is crucial to understand what RWT and GoC mean before getting into the data about ourselves to explain.

Real-world trading refers to the buying and selling of RuneScape gold, items, accounts, and other Jagex goods by players in the real world. On the other hand, Games of Chance is a section of game rules that prohibits players from betting on the outcome of games as they depend on luck and resemble real-world gambling.

Despite these strict measures, merchants of virtual goods will continue to operate as gamers create demand for real-world merchants in the first place. If you want to skip the grind part of the game and go straight to the endgame content, look no further than chicksgold.com. They offer the best services for buying OSRS accounts online!

The taking of Jagex

The rules of the game state that Jagex’s objective is to keep OSRS a complete representation of all that Gielinor has to offer. Additionally, real-world item trading, exploiting bugs, scamming, using foul language, botting, tricking others into breaking the rules, and participating in gambling are activities prohibited by Jagex as they directly conflict with Jagex’s RuneScape vision.

According to them, such activities ruin the overall OSRS experience and undermine fair play. Therefore, players with information about possible illegal activities are encouraged to report them to Jagex staff. In addition, anyone caught participating in such acts will be severely punished.

With this article, we will closely expand on the hot topics; relaunch freebies associated with the violation of RWT rules, removing the dueling arena due to the community and publicity of real world merchants and gaming services.

Private gifts

First on our list is hosting and participating in giveaways that allow real-world betting. A ‘re-roll giveaway’ is a private contest in which players pay to participate and have the opportunity to win prizes. Once there are enough participants, the host will randomly choose the winner. Other participants can tip the host with real money to choose another winner as often as they like.

These actions also conflict with the Real World Trading section of the rules. RWT advises that trading RuneScape goods and services will result in a permanent ban on the account in question, as RuneScape items are the exclusive property of Jagex and cannot be

considered the property of the player. Moreover, these gifts require an entrance fee which makes them private; another issue that Jagex finds illegal is re-raising freebies.

Duel Arena removed

Duel Arena was closed in July due to questionable activity that violated Jagex’s terms and conditions. The Duel Arena has always been under the watch of Jagex as many people have exploited its staking potential. This prompted Jagex to introduce a betting limit of 10 million gold. To no one’s surprise, players managed to find a way around this with the help of real-world trading.

Additionally, with the introduction of the PvP Arena, which was meant to counter illegal activities and replace the Dueling Arena, rule-breaking behavior quickly adapted to the new environment and continues to occur.

The main issue Jagex had with the Duel Arena was chucking. By ‘casting’, we mean high-stakes PvP deathmatches in which one player takes on another player, often with the help of a go-between. The stakes placed by the first player are zero if they lose but double if they win.

This concept developed into “community chucking”. A player enters a deathmatch and fights for another player with their gold in play. If the player wins, the other player, who they fought for, will receive double payouts. In addition, the fighting player will receive his share of the profits.

These activities inspired Jagex to ban the Duel Arena as it looks like “commission staking”, which violates the Gambling section. The Gambling section of the Jagex Gaming Rules states that players are not permitted to advertise and participate in in-game gambling. In addition, players organizing such events will also be penalized, regardless matter that they get their share of the gold.


These restrictions also extend to those who stake and duel through a mediator. Also, staker accounts are not exempt because they violate Real World Trading rules. Additionally, Jagex has increased its restrictions and removed the Duel Arena as commission staking has increased, with more and more users creating staker accounts to perform actions not condoned by Jagex.


The last point of this article will cover the advertising of the activities mentioned above and any other activities strictly prohibited by Jagex. This includes promoting any activities that Jagex deems illegal, including real-world trading sites and gambling services.

In the “Advertising Websites” section of the Jagex Game Rules, it is stated that advertising inappropriate websites that promote real-world exchanges, private servers, macros or other forms of cheating, and selling in-game items will be severely punished.

These sites not only encourage the illegal use of Jagex property, but they often lead to players getting ripped off. To find the full list of bannable activities, see the official Jagex Game Rules website.

What do you think about this?

Is Jagex right or should gamers have the option to make games they love more enjoyable to play? What should Jagex do next to prevent users from engaging in activities they deem inappropriate for gaming?

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