OSRS Quest Speedrunning Launch Date, Time, Rules and How to Start

Details on the Old School Runescape (OSRS) The launch date, time, rules and how to start Quest Speedrunning have been revealed by Jagex and the Old School team.

Although the speedrun aspect of this event has been part of the Old School Runescape community for a very long time, it is a brand new official game mode.

Not sure to participate? What about getting non-tradeable cosmetic rewards?

Old School RuneScape | out now

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Old School RuneScape | out now





OSRS Quest Speedrunning Launch Date and Time

OSRS Quest Speedrunning launch date and time are Wednesday, October 12 at 11:30 a.m. BST / 03:30 a.m. PT / 06:30 a.m. CEST

OSRS Quest Quick Race Rules

Here are the official OSRS Speedrunning rules straight from the official announcement:

Quest Speedrunning takes place on separate, members-only worlds with different save files.

Here is a little reminder on the differences between the Quest Speedrunning Worlds and the regular ones:

  • No tutorial.
  • No trades – all players are considered Iron accounts.
  • No PvP.
  • No access to Castle Wars, PvP Arena, Fight Pits, Last Man Standing, Rat Pits, Soul Wars or Trouble Brewing.
  • Teleport cooldowns (such as Teleport Home) are paused when logging out, so players can’t log out and wait 30 minutes to regain their teleport and trick the system.
  • Stores have static stock and items never run out.
  • Items can still be sold to stores but will be removed immediately.
  • Items picked up from the ground are player specific, so multiple speedrunners can get the same item without having to worry about competition!
  • Dropped items behave normally, but will be deleted once the speedrun is complete.
  • Death works normally.

Additionally, to discourage quibbling, the following rules apply to players on Speedrunning Worlds which are not in speedrun:

  • XP gain is disabled.
  • Deaths are safe and all items dropped on death are immediately removed. If you die while not speedrunning, you will respawn in Lumbridge with whatever items you had.

How to Get Started – OSRS Quest Speedrunning

Find the official instructions from the same source below:

Step 1

Log into a Quest Speedrunning World and you will immediately be prompted to select the quest you wish to run through the Quest Speedrunning menu.

You will see the following data for the quest you selected:

  • Current speedrun time.
  • Best personal time.
  • World best time.
  • Time required for each trophy (see Rewards section).
  • Unlocks
    • Unlocks are the stats, quests completed, journeys, and other unlocks you will get when starting a speedrun. These unlocks are the same for everyone.
  • Items
    • This section shows the items you will get at the start of the chosen quest. Be aware that the items given are not necessarily the required items – for example, if the quest requires a dagger, you may be given a suitable pickaxe (or the money to buy one) to mine some ore and forge it into the dagger you you need.

After you make your choice, the game will automatically adjust your stats to the recommended levels for your chosen quest and provide all relevant items. This keeps things fair and ensures everyone starts in the same place.

2nd step

The race will begin after you have spoken to the relevant NPC and started the quest – after this point the Speedrun Timer will be checked, and you will be easily taken to the starting point of the quest you have chosen. The timer will automatically stop when the quest is completed or when the speedrun is abandoned, which can be done at any time via the Speedrunning menu. If things go wrong, you can also cancel your current adventure and start over from this same menu – handy! Logging out will pause the timer, but be aware that this will add a few seconds to your time to prevent logging out from becoming a viable strategy.

Your current time is displayed on the Speedrunning menu and the Speedrunning wizard, which appears on screen throughout the race and also displays the time required for the next trophy.

Step 3

Completed Speedrunning and ready for your reward? Head to the NPC near the fountain in Varrock Square to find the Speedrunning Reward Shop! Since they are all non-redeemable, you will be able to recover any rewards you purchase if you accidentally lose them.

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