OSRS – What You Need to Know About the Impregnated Heart


Since there are a plethora of items available to you in Old School Runescape, it can sometimes be easy to miss out on those that could be of benefit to you. There is a lot of OSRS items for sale, but there is something to be said about some items that you can find on your own. In this case, it is an item that could help you not only improve your magic, but also make OSRS gold.

What is the OSRS Infused Heart?

In Old School Runescape we have an item known as the Imbued Heart. Upon examination, he declares that it is a heart that holds magical power. It is used to increase your magic and is acquired as a drop from superior killer monsters. In order to have the chance to face these monsters, you will need to spend 150 Slayer Reward Points to get the Bigger and Badder option. This is available from any master slayer in the game.

You will have the option to use the option titled Invigorate, which will increase your magic anywhere between 1 and 10 levels. There is no limit to the number of times you can activate it, although you can only do it every seven minutes for each player. This stat won’t change regardless of how many Imbued Hearts you have. If you try to do this before the end of the recharge period, a message will appear in the chat box indicating how much time you have left before you can use it again.

If you are looking for ways to speed up the cooldown, luckily there is a method to do it. The quickest technique would be to go back to the free white Clan Wars portal. Alternatively, you can also drink in the refreshment pool. Whichever method you decide to use, you’ll find them both in the Ferox Enclave.

About the OSRS Infused Heart

There are some interesting trivial facts about the Imbued Heart. For those who have played Runescape, the Imbued Heart is the OSRS version of Vecna ​​Skull. Additionally, when using the Imbued Heart, animation occurs. Players who have used the Saradomin sword special attack can also recognize it, as it is a red version of it. There were actually other versions of the Imbued Heart item that were designed for the demon’s heart, which would be used to imbue the divine cloaks. These were used in The Mage Arena II mini-quest, although this was before it was reworked.

The impregnated heart has also undergone some changes during its life cycle. A few years ago, we saw the Imbued Heart item increase from 14,000 OSRS GP to 500,000 OSRS gold. If you have been looking for alternatives to finding OSRS gold for sale, it could potentially be because of this change. Having said that, they are not exactly easy to obtain.

A year later, in 2019, we saw another change to the OSRS Imbued Heart object. This would involve resetting the timer for the imbued heart. When major reset events occurred that would restore one of your stat boosts, you would find that the Imbued Heart timer would be reset if you were to use it.

Why is the imbued heart important?

To answer this question, all you need to do is look at how vital the magical skill is to the game itself. When you consider what the imbued heart actually does, its importance really speaks for itself. Magic is one of the three main fighting classes in Old School Runescape and is used for combat spells, transport, teleportation, as well as crafting and enchanting. To say that the Infused Heart is something you should use would be an understatement, then.

Hopefully it doesn’t get to the point where you have to buy OSRS gold to afford such an imbued heart item, as they can be difficult to acquire on your own. If you choose to buy gold, make sure it is the most reliable OSRS gold resource you can find. You don’t want to spend too much money to buy gold, so take a look around to find somewhere that has cheap OSRS gold to offer you.

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