Party Hats are a “linchpin” for the RuneScape economy, and new hats are being given out for the first time in 20 years

RuneScape 120King Reader said they started cooking from the sailboat at 6:40 am on Monday. Four hours and “about” 4,000 baked sailboats later, they have acquired one of the eight shards needed to earn a Golden Party Hat, a piece of gear that grants its wearer no statistical advantage. They have until January 3 to acquire the other seven shards they need to get a hat that does nothing, but one that could one day make them rich in RuneScape.

The last time party hats were up for grabs was 20 years ago. These originals, which also grant nothing to wearers, are now worth billions of gold, making them RuneScape’s most valuable items.

It’s a classic example of video game business logic: Original party hats are valuable because they are unnecessary. When the “party hat” items were first distributed at the 2001 Christmas event, they were “intended to be worthless and disposable,” says RuneScape developer Jagex. There was no benefit to wearing them except for a festive look – they look like the paper wreaths found in Christmas firecrackers– and so many players trashed them after the event.

Jagex didn’t reissue the hats the following year, or never again. Over time, some of the players who were wearing their party hats stopped playing, further reducing the supply. Hats became a symbol of his status as an older gamer, or because they were so rare, as a rich man.

“Hats now play a central role in the economy of RuneScape as investments, cash placements, in-game items and collectibles,” Jagex explains. According to a RuneScape Wiki, party hats actually cost over $ 2.1 billion in gold. This is only their listed price as that is the limit for a single transaction on the RuneScape Grand Exchange. (A player tells me that the blues can fetch more than 100 billion.)

(Image credit: Jagex)

The new 2021 party hats differ from the 2001 party hats. These are golden party hats, while the originals were only available in white, blue, red, green, yellow and purple. (Correction: In fact, they were pink(not purple, one player tells me, but the color has been changed in response to a duplication issue.) The Golden Party Hat will be a symbol of a player’s participation in the RuneScape 20th Anniversary event, or something thing to trade in, although they won’t automatically make it as valuable as the originals. Each player can only earn one Gold Party Hat during the event, so they will always be scarce, but players aren’t likely to throw their hats off this time around.

To get a Golden Party Hat, players must collect eight Golden Party Hat Shards and have an active RuneScape membership, which costs $ 11 per month, or less for players who sign up for 12 months. Premier Club membership. (Membership can also be purchased with Obligations, which are tradable in-game items like EVE Online’s Plex.) Some shards are acquired by completing stealth tasks, such as completing the ‘Once Upon a Time in Gielinor’ anniversary quest or purchasing one for $ 30 million. ‘gold. Others are random drops that occur while players are training or engaging in other activities.

Jagex says a “bad luck protection” system should prevent anyone actively playing RuneScape from going without a hat until the event ends on January 3.

“As you continue to train a skill or complete clue scrolls, the probability of getting a shard increases exponentially,” says the developer. “Basically our intention is that the players who are actively playing throughout this event can create their own hat without much hassle.”

That hasn’t stopped some players from trying to crush drops of shards whenever they can, such as spending a morning cooking thousands of sailboats. A different player on the RuneScape Forum said they killed “2,000 Abyssal Demons” without seeing a Battle Fragment fall, while another reported that they obtained the Battle Fragment after battling black beasts for six hours. We all party in different ways.

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