Peyton Manning has no interest in becoming commissioner

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Peyton Manning has proven time and time again that he will succeed in anything he tries to do. What if, at some point, he was approached to run for commissioner of the NFL?

“I’m not qualified, in my opinion,” Manning said during a visit to #PFTPM, on behalf of Frito-Lay and a World Cup commercial Manning shot with David Beckham regarding the issue. whether football is called football or football.

Manning joked that when he won his first Super Bowl with the Colts, a picture was taken of Roger Goodell with CBS’ Jim Nantz.

“Roger looks a lot younger in 2007 than he does now,” Manning said with a laugh. “And it hasn’t been that long.”

Manning then praised Goodell for his time in the role of commissioner.

“He did a hell of a job,” Manning said. “I’m not sure anyone wants to follow Roger Goodell as commissioner. It’s like following John Wooden to UCLA. The bar has been set high. Roger takes criticism, certainly. But I think he did a great job.

“It’s just not something that’s on my radar. Especially because I don’t think I’m qualified to do it.

On the one hand, when has not being qualified stopped someone from doing it today? On the other hand, Manning is more qualified than he cares to admit. He has the ability to dive into any subject and become an expert on it.

As for football, he has a pretty good head start. Manning already has a lifetime to think and care about the game. That alone makes him more qualified than most to be its ultimate manager.

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