Play new PvP game modes in LMS to earn OSRS Gold

Two new versions added to the LMS bring a lot of variety to the beginner-friendly PvP minigame.

LMS or Last Man Standing is a minigame where as a PvPer you can earn a decent amount of OSRS Gold through its rewards shop. It’s also where you don’t need to risk your gear or Gold OSRS to learn the basics of PKing, so a great starting point for OSRS players who want to learn how to PvP.

Unfortunately, LMS is somewhat infested with bots to date due to the huge potential to earn OSRS gold. One of the rewards you can purchase from the Reward Shop is the Rated Rune Pouch which, unlike the one you can get from your Master Slayer, can be sold at the Grand Exchange for actual OSRS Gold. However, the monotony of the fast-paced mini-game was a weak point as it created a perfect environment for bots. Luckily, in the latest update, the environment has become more hostile to bots and friendlier to real players.

Builds and Stats

Currently, if you want to enjoy an LMS game, you will need to create and select loadouts for three different game modes:

  • Main/Max account where all combat skills are level 99 except defense skill 75
  • 1 Pure Defense with all combat skills at 99 except 1 Defense and 75 Attack
  • Zerker with all combat skills at 99 except 75 Attack and 45 Defense

Choose your game mode

The game mode for LMS will be randomly selected before each game. Even though the game mode is randomly selected, you will have a better chance of getting a specific mode if there are more players in the lobby who have selected that game mode as their preference. Jagex has implemented this system to ensure that large groups of players will not be able to monopolize a specific game mode so that a good dose of diversity is ensured.

Selecting a load

You will need to select a specific loadout for each of the three current game modes before entering a game. For each of the constructions, there are certain OSRS Items that you won’t be able to select, either because they don’t make sense with the build, or because they’re only specific to that build. For example, you won’t be able to have or use the Rune Gloves for building 1 Def Pure because you can’t get them from RFD (recipe for Disaster quest) in-game if you level a 1 Def Pure. This ensures consistency between the main game, the PvP arena, and the LMS.

get the perfect spell book for you

You will also need to select your spellbook for each version in the loadouts. With the standard spellbook, you will get Surge and Entangle spells; with the Lunar Grimoire you will get Vengeance and Cure Me; with the old default spellbook you will get Blood Barrage, Ice Blitz and Blood Blitz. You won’t be able to select the Lunar Spellbook for your Pure loadouts because you can’t access it in the main game on a Pure account.


Protection prayers in LMS are temporarily increased, but this change will be reversed on August 24, with the launch of Amascut Tombs. Until then, you will also be able to experience prayers such as Piety, Rigor, or Augur in LMS on Pures and Zerkers. You cannot unlock these prayers in the main game for these builds, so this might be one of the few opportunities for you to try it out. Again, for consistency and to provide a fair overview of what to expect from these builds in OSRS for new PvP players, Jagex decided to strike the balance and remove them on August 24th.

OSRS Loot Chests

You’ll be happy to know that loot chests have also been improved and won’t give you duplicates. You will be able to obtain a series of OSRS elements for the three versions and elements limited to a single version.

All OSRS Built :

  • dragon claws
  • Armadyl Divine Sword
  • Armadyl Crossbow
  • Staff of the Dead
  • Granite mallet
  • black bow and dragon arrows
  • Infernal Cloak
  • Book of the Mage
  • Indicator ring (i)
  • Elder Maul
  • Kodai wand
  • occult necklace
  • Heavy ballista and dragon javelins
  • Vesta Longsword
  • Zuriel’s Staff
  • Morrigan’s Javelins
  • Volatile staff

Main version only:

  • Ghrazi Rapier
  • Opal Dragon Traits (e)
  • Statius Warhammer
  • ancient divine sword
  • Inquisitor’s Mace
  • Zaryte Crossbow
  • Faerdhinen Arch
  • Ahrim’s Robe
  • Ahrim’s dressing gown
  • Karil’s Leather Top
  • Complete Dharok Set
  • Torag’s Legplates
  • Helm of Torag
  • Helm of Guthan
  • Complete set of Verac
  • Ancestral hat
  • Ancestral dress top
  • Ancestral dress stockings
  • Blessed Spirit Shield

Main and Zerking:

  • Mithril seeds
  • amulet of fury

Zerking and pure:

  • Tormented Bracelet
  • Necklace of Anguish
  • amulet of torture

Zerking Only:

  • 3rd Age Dress Top
  • Tunic of the 3rd Age
  • Third Age Mage Hat
  • Inquisitor’s Greathelm
  • Inquisitor’s Hauberk
  • Inquisitor’s Plate Skirt
  • Top of the range 3rd age
  • Legs of the 3rd age group
  • Headdress 3rd age group
  • Infinite Boots


  • Ancient Chaos Set
  • Kilt Fremennik
  • Spiked handcuffs
  • Ranger Tunic
  • Blessed Dragonhide Gaiters
  • wizard boots

To win OSRS Gold with LMS Rewards

To sum up, you can still earn a decent amount of OSRS GP by selling the LMS rewards, but now you’ll have more variety when playing this entry-level PvP minigame. You’ll also be able to experiment with builds without risking losing your OSRS gear or gold, so when you start PKing in the Wilderness you’ll already know your way around with prayer switches and PvP basics.

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