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Fede Alvarez ‘”Don’t breathe”Has become a colossal success for Maison Fantôme Pictures and Sony Pictures in 2016. A dramatization of wrongdoing cut into a thriller, the film focuses on Rocky (Jane Levy). A young woman with karma (and low heels) who earns money by stealing and trading items. She longs to move away from Detroit for California with her younger sister, and the temptation of a final heist with her pack of companions (Dylan Minnette, Daniel Zovatto) is too strong for her to resist. What appears to be a simple score – breaking into a visually impaired man’s house in the middle of the night to steal his stash of hidden money – turns into a nightmare when Norman Nordstrom (Stephen Lang) is revealed to be an extremely veteran combatant. competent. with a house vigorously trapped and a man clinging to an incredibly boring secret. Now the fans are anticipating Don’t breathe 2.

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After the film surpassed $ 157.8 million on a $ 9.9 million budget in the cinematic world, rumors circulated of a sequel and this was quickly confirmed by Alvarez himself (via Bloody Disgusting) . The movie was then shot secretly during the pandemic in 2020, as reported by Collider, and currently slated for release later this year, let’s take a look at what we think of “Don’t breathe 2” until now.

What is the plot of Don’t Breathe 2?

The film’s log reads: “The Blind has been hanging around for quite some time in an isolated lodge and has taken in and raised a little boy stranded by a devastating house fire. Their peaceful coexistence is shattered when a group of criminals kidnap the young boy. Drive the blind man out of his place of refuge to save her, ”according to Bloody Disgusting.

In the event that this snippet is faithful to the film and not an attempt to keep the plot silent, this is a pretty drastic change but in the character of the blind man. In the first movie, the character’s boring secret was that he was holding Cindy Roberts. The one who killed his daughter in a fender bender hostage after capturing her. Then inseminate her with her own sperm through a juice bulb. As Rocky’s actions result in Cindy’s death, The Blind Man captures Rocky and plans to imbue him and hold her hostage until she produces the replacement girl he so longs to have.

Building an entire film around the antagonist of its past volume is an interesting decision, especially for one who has committed such unspeakable acts. It sounds a lot like Rob Zombie’s attempts to acculturate the monstrous Firefly family, introduced in “Place of 1,000 Corpses”, which he effectively did in “The Devil’s Rejects”, and his Halloween changes, which resulted in a name to the maniac of Michael Myers. problems.

Will The Blind elicit enough sympathy in the movie crowd to make him a tolerable protagonist? How could this result for Alvarez and Sayagues? We’ll all find out in August.

Who’s in the cast of Don’t Breathe?

Although the plot of the film has been asserted, the cast has not been reported other than a vital part of Stephen Lang as The Blind Man, aka Norman Nordstrom.

Nordstom, a conflict veteran who had moved to his Detroit home in pursuit of grim revenge against a raped woman. Become the main antagonist of the first film and the source of dread and tension for Rocky.

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An important and enduring character from the first film will apparently not have a substantial influence on this one, apparently. As current information suggests, we won’t be seeing Jane Levy’s Rocky, nor her sister, Diddy. It’s an interesting decision, because the last scene of “Don’t breathe»Presents Rocky and Diddy boarding a train to Los Angeles. While it might make Rocky’s dream come true for a while, it could turn into a nightmare for her. Nordstrom, whom she thought she killed in the film’s decisive battle, figured out how to endure. This is an urgent pending narrative thread that could possibly be fulfilled by the upcoming film. At this time, however, the cast (other than Lang) is being kept under wraps.

When will Don’t Breath 2 ship?

Don’t breathe 2“must be delivered on August 13, 2021, as reported by Variety. It is currently unclear whether the film will be released in the public domain simultaneously via digital and theatrical platforms, as many film studios have done in recent times. In addition, there is currently no asserted title.

Interestingly, Fede Alvarez didn’t direct the film – but he co-wrote it with longtime collaborator Rodo Sayagues, according to SyFy Wire, who also served as director. Alvarez is one of the co-directors of the film, alongside Sam Raimi, who co-created Alvarez’s “Fiendish Dead” revamp just like the first “Don’t breathemovie. Producer Alvarez described the movie as “fantastic” after seeing it in its last state on MovieWeb. He also described it and the sequel to the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” which it creates as “crazy,” “out there” and “crazy.” The film’s silent shooting took place in mid to late summer 2020 in Serbia (via The Hollywood Reporter).

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