Preliminary Information on Amascut Tombs from OSRS

Preliminary Information on Amascut Tombs from OSRS

Tombs of Amascut will be released soon and can face four new bosses, many unique kazan rewards and you can adjust the difficulty of printing like never before.

Tombs of Amascut is that massive version of OSRS that all PvMers are excited about. This is the third raid after the Theater of Blood and the Chambers of Xeric. Similar to the other two raids, you will be able to get valuable items worth millions and millions of OSRS general practitioner . Although, to be honest, the prize pool for Tombs of Amascut bosses has some less desirable rewards that are worth pennies (like just a few thousand OSRS gold). Still, they might come in handy if you’re an Ironman. Let’s take a closer look at the rewards, the ones that have value, of course.

Unique rewards await

Amascut Tombs can reward you with some OSRS Items . You will be able to get tradable and non-tradable unique ones. While you cannot get OSRS GP for the untradable ones, you will surely be able to sell the tradable rewards for hundreds of millions of OSRS Gold.

1.masori armor

This is a ranged armor set that you will need range 80 and defense 30 to equip. Once you upgrade it using Armadyl armor with 90 Craft, you will need 80 Range and 80 Defense. Masori armor set includes helmet, chest piece and stockings. You will need Armadyl Helmet, Chest Plate and Chain Skirt to upgrade your Masori set. Alternatively, you can use two Chest Plates, eight Helmets, or three Chain Skirts (but using three Chain Skirts will give you one remaining Armadyl Plate).

Upgrading will only increase the range defense bonus of the armor and no other stats, but will also increase the level of defense required to wear it. This will also give you the +1 prayer bonus given by all divine gear. Nevertheless, it is one of the best ranged armor in the game. Game.

2.Shadow of Tumeken

This staff is the new most powerful magic weapon. You’ll need 85 Magicka to wield it, which gives you a big +35 Magic Attack bonus and a +20 Magic Defense bonus. It has an attack rating of 5 and a +pray bonus. 1. But the weapon’s stats aren’t really what makes it so powerful: it’s the special effect. When using this motorized staff, the magic power and accuracy of your other equipment is tripled.

Magical strength is capped at 100%. Since this is a top-notch item, it will no doubt be highly appreciated. You will need chaos and soul runes to power it, and the base max hit is your magic level divided by 3 plus 1. For example, if your magic level is 90, your max hit will be 31.

3.Elidinis District

This magic shield is another notable drop from the Tombs of Amascut. This is another best-in-slot item. You will receive it as a broken protection and you will need to combine it with an arcane seal and 10,000 soul runes to give it its full potential. Once you do that, it will become untradable, similar to how the old Wyvern Shield works.

The Charged/Repaired version will give you the following defensive bonuses:

  • Blade Defense +53
  • Def. sharp +55
  • Crush+73
  • Spell +2
  • Distance +52

On top of that, he will give you a +25 magic attack bonus and a +4 prayer bonus. It will also increase your overall magic damage by 5%. You will need 90 Prayer and 90 Blacksmith to repair it.

So if you needed another reason to train your prayer or try out the new smithing activity, the Foundry of Giants, now you have one. You can also enjoy the new Mobile Blast Furnace Assistant with extra motivation to practice your blacksmithing skills.

4.Fang of Osmumten

If magic or ranged gear doesn’t appeal to you, this melee weapon might. Osmumten’s Fang is a melee weapon with a unique special attack. The Special Attack costs 25% of the Special Attack Energy and will increase your Max Hit and Accuracy. You will need 82 Attack to wield it.

It’s a great weapon against enemies with high defense and potentially the new meta for slaying the body beast. Also, if you’re an Ironman, you’ll need to kill the Corporeal Beast for the Arcane Seal to repair your Amascut Tombs BIS Magic Shield.

5.The Lightbringer

It’s the massive quality of life that everyone has come to expect. You will be able to use Eldinis Thread to upgrade your rune pouch to carry different types of runes with XNUMX Crafting. The downside may be that it is a non-tradable item.

6.Thread of Eldinis

It’s the great quality of life that everyone expects. With 75 Crafting, you will be able to use the Eldinis thread to upgrade your rune bag to carry different types of runes. The downside is that it can be a non-tradable item.

seven.Keris Partizan Jewelry

There are currently three different gems you can obtain, but you will only be able to use one of the three outside of the raid. With Keris Partisan jewels, you can add one jewel at a time to enhance it and give it additional effects.

Bosses to expect in Tombs of Amascut

Except for lore info, Jagex hasn’t revealed much about the four bosses you’ll face in Tombs of Amascut, such as mechanics or attack style. The four bosses you will face in Raids 3 are:

  • Akkha – a human warrior boss
  • Dad-ba – a baboon boss
  • Kephri – a scarab boss
  • Zebak – a crocodile leader


Summons are what you will use in Tombs of Amascut to set the raid difficulty level. This is important because with increased difficulty you will get the rare rewards more often, which will allow you to get more OSRS gold in return. Each summon you use will earn you a certain number of points which will count towards the total difficulty level of the raid. Four slices will gradually give you better chances of getting rare rewards. From 0 to 149 points you will have entry mode, while from 150 to 299 points you will have normal mode. You will have an expert mode raid whenever you use summons totaling more than 300 points.

Keep in mind that you won’t be able to get all the unique rewards from the difficulty levels. You’ll also see the potential rewards when setting the difficulty, so you’ll know how many potential GP OSRS you can get from that particular race.

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