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SEATTLE, Sep 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Retail Data Platform Provider Sound trade today announced that Rainbow Shops has successfully deployed its modern business intelligence technology. Rainbow Shops is a Brooklyn-based fashion retailer with over 1,000 stores in the United States, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands and online at RainbowShops.com. Founded in 1935, the brand is known for its affordable clothing, shoes and accessories for women, juniors, plus sizes and children. Rainbow Shops e-commerce business has grown almost 900% in six years, reaching a compound annual growth rate of 44%.

The retailer adopted SoundCommerce to unify and activate all data from its old Salesforce Commerce Cloud and new Shopify e-commerce storefronts, ensuring the continuity of the customer experience throughout the replatforming initiative. SoundCommerce implementation unifies over eight years of granular transactional order history and customer engagement data to unlock insights and enable action on marketing and brand operations from first click to delivery to residence.

“We adopted SoundCommerce to address a specific data unification issue in our ecommerce replatform,” said David Cost, vice president of digital and ecommerce at Rainbow Shops. “In the process, SoundCommerce has become a strategic, enterprise-wide data solution for Rainbow. We now have a cloud-based data warehouse in place for the long haul, aligning our work with our most important metrics and KPIs. “

Additional Cost: “SoundCommerce has created a platform we can build on, bridging a decade of order history for all of our customers, to improve the customer experience and maximize customer lifetime value. “

Unify and activate data on eCommerce storefront platforms
SoundCommerce provides the retail data platform and model to combine, validate and stage customer, order, shipping, product catalog, digital marketing campaign, and merchandising promotion data. . The platform enables business users to coordinate decisions and actions between marketing, fulfillment and supply chain operations, merchandising, customer service and finance.

“If you are planning to switch platforms, SoundCommerce solves the whole problem of creating financial continuity and performance between new and old systems,” Cost said. “SoundCommerce is ‘watching our backs’ like an early warning system. We use the platform to track the flow and status of orders in our operational systems. It basically lets us do whatever we need to do, which requires a real-time data warehouse. “

Balance profitability and customer lifetime value with every action
At the heart of the SoundCommerce platform is a retail data model that captures granular, high-fidelity data on customer orders and events, as well as item revenue, discounts, and variable costs. Revealing the gaps in the unit economy between orders and customers, SoundCommerce makes it easy for retail operators to take actions that balance immediate profitability with investments that generate long-term value for the buyer.

SoundCommerce helps consumer brands and retail merchants to:

  • Set up a flexible and open cloud data warehouse at minimal cost and in record time
  • Consolidate and unify customer order and event data from disparate systems
  • Track revenue, discounts and costs at the unit and event level to increase contribution margin and customer lifetime value as orders and shipments unfold
  • Correlate customer lifetime value with operational and marketing events that impact customer engagement

Take control of your own modern, turnkey cloud data warehouse
“As a data warehouse at Rainbow Shops, SoundCommerce makes it easy to combine years of data between Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Shopify,” said Cost. “The SoundCommerce platform ensured data continuity through the migration of our e-commerce storefront platform – and in doing so, unlocked our data across departments and systems for strategic campaigns and decision making. decision. “

SoundCommerce offers consumer brands and retailers a fast and flexible production path to deploy modern cloud data warehouses such as Google Cloud Platform BigQuery and Snowflake. By orchestrating unified data to these open-standard cloud data warehouses, SoundCommerce gives customers unrestricted access to their own proprietary business data.

“Optimizing decisions for profitable growth is a mandate for every modern brand,” said Eric Best, CEO of SoundCommerce. “Rather than spending years building flimsy integrations with custom cloud data warehouses, brands like Rainbow Shops can embrace SoundCommerce to immediately align their actions with the most important metrics of retail success.

The SoundCommerce platform eliminates years of integration work costing millions of dollars in system integration or personnel engineering costs. The platform offers a massive increase in time to value for a merchant’s business data, delivering actionable insights in weeks rather than years.

About SoundCommerce
The SoundCommerce data platform drives profitable growth, customer experience and lifelong value across all retail systems and channels, from first click to home delivery. SoundCommerce works with the existing retail technology stack to transform the customer experience across marketing, merchandising, sourcing, fulfillment, delivery, and customer service. The data platform tracks real-time operational events, profitability, and customer lifetime value to make decisions and actions fundamental to cross-channel and direct-to-consumer success. Founded by Amazon veterans and backed by leading venture capitalists, SoundCommerce is headquartered in Seattle.


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