Rare Washington neighborhood sells for $218 online

A QUARTER featuring the first President George Washington has sold for over $200 online.

The rare coin clearly bears the date 1995 – but many elements are cut off due to an error present.


The second warning blocks certain features, including “IN GOD WE TRUST” and “LIBERTY”.

The 1995 Washington Quarter features what is described as a “double strike” typing error.

“A double strike occurs when the striking press fails to fully eject a newly minted coin from the strike zone, and it then receives a second strike from the dies while partially outside the collar”, wrote the coin service website Fleur de Coin.

Double piece greaves could have a unique look in their own way.

For example, the 1995 Washington Quarter in the eBay listing has the second strike off center at 65% in the nine o’clock zone.

As a result, some of the first strike functionality is cut.

This includes the “LI” in “LIBERTY”, part of Washington’s face, and part of the letters in “IN GOD WE TRUST”.

On the back, some of the letters are also cut by the second strike.

After accumulating 33 bids, the Washington coin sold for $217.50. This would mean that the quarter is now worth almost 87,000% of its original value.

Rare coins

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The coin has been certified by Numismatic Guaranty Company in an “AU58” grade.

This note is described as containing “light wear on the highest points of the design” with full details.

Meanwhile, most double minted coins are worth between $600 and $800 each, according to Fleur de Coin.

Currently, there are a few Washington double-strike coins listed for $500 or more on eBay.

But as always, be sure to be aware of possible fakes online.

To avoid this, be sure to check the history of the seller and whether or not the part has been certified in the listing.

What is your spare change worth?

Washington’s quarters aren’t the only coins that could be worth a serious mint.

You will want to check your change for rare nickels, dimes, Lincoln pennies, half dollars, and the like, as some of these coins sell for thousands.

The most valuable coins are usually those with a low mintage or error, as they are considered the most valuable by collectors.

To check if your coins are worth anything on eBay, search for the full name, select the “sold” listing, then switch the search to “highest value”.

This will give you an idea of ​​how much money the part is going to cost.

You can choose to sell the coin on eBay or through a specialized site such as Coinappraiser or USA Coin Book.

In other recent news, another Washington quarter with an error has sold for $216 online.

We also explain the Washington neighborhood and what makes it worth up to $13,573.

In addition, we explain how to find rare coins.

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