Raspberry Pi Foundation receives US $ 45 million injection

The nonprofit Raspberry Pi foundation, which is the originator of the Raspberry Pi single board computer, receives approximately US $ 45 million (approximately € 38.4 million) from investors for its business division. As the UK media reported, the new money must be used to accelerate product development and be able to better market the products.

The commercial arm of the Rasperry Pi Foundation was valued at $ 500 million in the round, writes the British business magazine Business Tuesday. The investors are the London-based investment firm Lansdowne Partners and the private American foundation Ezrah Charitable Trust. At first, it is not known who threw how much in the pot.

The Rasperry Pi Foundation, based in Cambridge, England, uses the profits from the sale of the small computers to support various charitable projects. In 2020, the Raspberry Pi Foundation generated revenue of £ 11.4million, or around € 13.3million. The foundation was able to sell around 7.1 million devices last year. The Raspberry Pi Foundation was founded in 2012 and has been “profitable” ever since.

Like the British newspaper The telegraph reported, would have considered issuing freely tradable shares for possible financing. The co-founder and CEO of the Raspberry Pi Foundation Eben Upton opposed it. He is currently seeing a strong demand for single board computers for work and entertainment. Industrial companies around the world are reportedly using Raspberry Pis for their “innovative Internet of Things applications”. With the new money, the conditions could be created to better serve the growing market.


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