Recon and Wagoneer S, Avenger could follow

“We have the Recon (electric) and the Wagoneer S, which are safe for Australia.”


  • Recon and Wagoneer S confirmed, Avenger TBC
  • Grand Cherokee 4xe a suitable replacement for V8 power
  • Petrol and diesel will soon be over, says Meunier

Jeep has showcased its electric vision for the Australian market with not one, but two battery-powered models coming Down Under – and a third set to join them.

The trio of seven-slot electric vehicles will roll out globally over the next two years and while exact arrival times in Australia are yet to be confirmed, the Recon and Wagoneer S are confirmed to lead local electric charging. from Jeep.


The new electric Jeep Recon arrives in Australia

Speaking at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Jeep brand CEO Christian Meunier said a pair of electric vehicles will be an important part of Jeep’s reform in Australia .

“We have the Recon and the Wagoneer S, which are Australian safe,” he said.

“Australia was way behind a couple of years ago and electrification wasn’t even mentioned, but I kept wondering and wondering – and look what happened. has passed in the meantime. New Zealand are going 100% full speed ahead, and Australia are catching up, and they will get there.

The arrival of electrified Jeeps aligns with the “promise” component of Jeep Australia Managing Director Kevin Flynn’s three-part strategy, which he says will grow local market share to 4.0% by regaining customer confidence and introducing compelling new models. .

“Now we move on to the ‘promise’. We have all of these things that we said we were going to change, packed in — and you can trust that,” he said in March.

Until now, a Jeep plug-in hybrid was the only electrified model talked about for the Australian market, but Meunier’s confirmation means local dealerships will have a serious zero-emissions option to compete with growing electric vehicle offerings from competing brands.

2024 03 Jeep Avenger Electric SUV


Electric Jeep Avenger not yet confirmed for Australia

As for who Jeep sees as a direct rival?

Meunier also gave some insight here, explaining that the company is done with its strategy of luring customers in with bargain prices, opting instead to compete with more premium offerings.

“One of the reasons Australia struggled was that they were looking for volume and not hitting it. They were pushing metal but not brand driven, and dealers weren’t making money. silver.

“We stopped all these entry-level versions, we enriched the portfolio, we made it more premium. We don’t chase Koreans or Chinese – we don’t sell transportation, we sell adventure, we sell lifestyle.

With Wagoneer S looming for lineup, Jeep’s Australian lineup will win a large SUV with coupe profile with 447 kW to do battle with Mercedes EQE and EQS SUVs and Tesla Model X, for example.

While its smaller mid-size Recon will represent a more lifestyle-focused Jeep offering with a drop-down roof and removable door features and similar proportions to the Wrangler.

Details for both models are being considered on the ground at this stage, but both models are expected to launch globally in 2024, with an Australian arrival date and more information expected to be announced shortly thereafter.

2024 Jeep Wagoneer S Electric SUV 01


The electric Jeep Wagoneer S

The small electric SUV Avenger remains to be confirmed, which would complete Jeep’s holy electric trinity. And while Meunier said the third model would be built in RHD, it’s still a “maybe” for Australia at the time of the request.

“Avenger is going to go to the UK and Japan, and we’re looking at maybe Australia if there’s a market for it. Future models for the vast majority of the product will also be right-hand drive.

That said, a 4Xe electric version of the Gladiator is yet to be confirmed for right-hand drive production, and therefore unlikely for Australia at this time.

With relatively meager RHD selections for global manufacturers, many brands are pushing markets such as the UK, Japan and Australia to the bottom of the production pile, but Meunier said that’s not how it is. Jeep considers these markets – and has used the success of Opel (in Europe) since taking over in 2019.

“GM had struggled for so many years with Opel in Europe, and Opel is now part of Stellantis and very profitable,” he said. “So I think there are a lot of things you can do differently. You can be profitable with RHD as long as you bring the right product with the right powertrains to the right segment.

Jeep Grand Cherokee 4Xe EV


Meunier says the Grand Cherokee 4xe is everything any V8-loving driver should want

As Jeep sets the stage for an electric onslaught around the world and in Australia, Meunier said the thirsty V8s and torquey diesels will “disappear” as part of the transition, with many of their virtues satisfied by the ‘electric.

“Diesel is going to disappear because it’s going to die in Europe and because a lot of volume was coming from Europe and European manufacturers were really, really promoting diesel. Diesel will disappear, it’s a matter of time.

“The V8 is not the future either. I’m driving a Grand Cherokee 4Xe right now and this thing drives like a V8 or a little better”.

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