Rocket League Season 6: Release Date, Updates, Rumors and Latest News

Rocket League Season 6: Release Date, Updates, Rumors and Latest News

It’s time for a change of pace after playing Rocket League Season 5 for so long. As for us, Season 6 is fast approaching and we can’t wait to get started! Officially, there is no announcement yet, but we have all the rumors floating around.

Rocket League Season 6: Release Date and Time

Rocket League Season 6 is scheduled to arrive on or around March 9, 2022. We know this because the Season 5 Rocket Pass expires on the same day and the Season 5 rewards are accessible then. In the past, Rocket League seasons have often been released simultaneously with (or sometimes immediately after) the conclusion of the previous season’s Rocket Pass, so we can assume that’s the case again.

Rocket League Season 6: Expected Updates

Rocket League Season 6 will include a new Battle Car, a new Arena, the Rocket Pass, and a range of new cosmetic items. The new competitive season will begin with the reset of Rocket League ranks at the start of the new season. There will be a drastic change in the distribution of Rocket League ranks and the gap between players.

Many changes in the game’s MMR are not expected, as the new competitive season mainly brings cosmetic goodies and changes to the ranked game system. However, a few reports point to a possible new theme. You will be able to get many themed rewards and goods at the start of the season.

Rocket League Season 6: Rumors and Leaks

Rocket League is a game that doesn’t get a lot of rumors and leaks. There are, however, a few things we can probably expect to see. The season’s themes range from the Wild West to space travel and a nod to Rocket League’s precursor, Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars.

Rocket League Season 6: Theme

Because Psyonix has yet to make an official Rocket League Season 6-themed announcement, we have no idea what that will be. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a variety of themes used; we have seen music, western and many more in the past.

With battle cars decked out like knights in shining armor, or maybe some sort of superhero season, it would be fun to see something like this. Psyonix has so many alternatives that it’s impossible to predict what they will do next. Hopefully this will be an improvement over last year’s seasons.

Rocket League Season 6: Limited Time Modes

There are always new limited time modes available when a new season is introduced, but this time around we’re in the dark. We’ve seen a handful of them this season, but they’re always tied to specific events that have little to do with the season as a whole. However, Season 6 may or may not see the introduction of a new LTM.

Rocket League Season 6: Rocket Pass

As part of each Rocket League season, a new Rocket Pass is released, with 70 tiers of rewards available to pass holders. The rewards for Season 3 were catastrophic, so it’s impossible to say whether Season 6 will be better than Season 5. So we can expect a new Battle Car with a variety of modifications, as well as a multitude of new products related to the upcoming season 6 theme. If you buy the standard version, it will cost you 1000 RL credits, and if you buy the premium version, it will cost you 2000.

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