RuneLive update released after agreement with RuneScape team

Last week, Jagex sent a notice to the developers of RuneLive asking them to stop their work and not release any further updates to the plugin. This was due to internal plans for a visual upgrade plugin that is under development. Following the community response, the old school RuneScape The RuneLite 117 team and developers and Adam were in talks together to find a deal that could see RuneLive as a gateway system to the new internal option. Today, the 117Scape update has been confirmed by the team and 117Scape as part of this new arrangement.

Jagex will continue to work on its internal client, but for now RuneLive can, well, live on. The 117Scape HD plugin has been released. The update is available directly from the RuneLite Plugin Hub and is only maintained by 117Scape and the RuneLite team. They make it clear when announcing the new terms of the deal, that this is only a community project and that Jagex cannot help with support or issues. Common when it comes to unofficial modder projects, but it bears repeating since this version has arrived with a roller coaster of being almost ready, to almost closed, now to an amicable version.

The official old school RuneScape The team will share details about their own work and HD client options soon. If last week’s announcements hold up as well, they will clarify information about third-party plugins as well. Since RuneLive is expected to be a bridge to the new client, there is no word yet on what that will mean once it is released.

The first information published on the internal HD C ++ client will be in a revamped Giélinor Gazette. The first details, including features, and new and improved mobile details will be released soon. The HD client developed in-house is planned for this year. But until then, the community has RuneLive after expressing support and a favorable agreement, showing that there is power in the dedicated community. You can read the full release announcement here on the Old school RuneScape updates page.

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