RuneScape boosts Elder God Wars: Extinction XP and rewards, while OSRS kicks off Easter event

Following feedback after the release of Elder God Wars: Extinctionthe first grandmaster quest in years, the Runescape The team is planning XP updates and rewards. Meanwhile, Old School RuneScape updates today with the Easter event and some fixes and additions.

When it comes to Extinction, the new rewards will start dropping on April 25. There will also be some changes to award more XP and keep you going longer. There will also be additional price drops for skills. All of these changes should make the full experience of this quest both more rewarding and more sustainable. One thing the team noted in the rewards change announcement is that the content of the next update scheduled for Runescape will need to have completed Extinctionso that’s another incentive to better equip everyone to do just that.

So what is changing? There will be a Pontifex Shadow Ring upgrade that will increase drop rates for all Elder God Wars bosses. There’s also the Stamina Ring passive effect, where the combination of a Warped Gem and a Stamina Ring will allow you to retain the ring’s effect whether you’re wearing it or not. XP boosts will mean increased levels, like 175XP per 3 ticks instead of 150, and a lot more XP storage at a skill station. And speaking of skills, these new rewards include things like Dinosaur Eggs and Lab Relics from the Dragonkin Lab.

More than Old School RuneScape, the Easter event will start today and you can find the Easter bunny trying to deliver chocolate to the desert adventurers. Clearly a great idea because the chocolate melts in the heat. Because he’s a giant pink bunny, it scares people away from helping him, so that’s where you come in. Potential rewards, including headgear parts.

The update also brings a few changes to Guardians of the Rift, with additional new worlds coming on Monday, removing PVP world rotation, opening up all PVP worlds, and more.

To see the Extinction changes here at Runescape. For more on all the changes to Guardians of the Rift, PVP, and more, see this update on Old School RuneScape.

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