RuneScape Developer Jagex Gets Stricter With Real-World Trading

Real-world trading and gold mining has been a problem in RuneScape since its release twenty years ago. Developer Jagex has punished players for engaging in these activities for a while, but is now enforcing tougher penalties. Details of these new measures against players who buy gold have been published in a developer blog on the RuneScape website titled “Game Integrity: Real World Trading”.

Previously, Jagex focused on granting bans primarily to sellers of gold. These are the people who grow gold in the game and then sell it to other players in exchange for real money. However, following today’s change of position, these stricter rules will also extend to buyers of gold. Under these new rules, both parties involved in any transaction breaking the rules will be considered equally guilty.

Restrict real world trading

At least on a surface level, trading in the real world doesn’t seem too problematic. What is harmful for a few RuneScape players who want to relax and buy gold? Unfortunately, the reality is that gold producers have a very negative effect on the gambling economy.

Gold producers use robot farms to cultivate gold as efficiently as possible. These farms consist of a large number of fully automated accounts run on scripts that perform specific activities that earn gold over time. A part of RuneScapeThe biggest bot farms are among the thousands of accounts running simultaneously.

These bots greatly devalue skills, bosses, and events that would otherwise be good money makers for regular players. This is because they flood the market with the drops or the rewards provided by these activities. An increase in supply without a corresponding increase in demand lowers the value of the rewards earned.

Jagex decided that banning sellers alone was not enough to solve this problem. In the blog, it is stated that “buyers fuel demand – and higher demand means more sellers, more bots to take down and more bad activity.” In other words, Jagex punishes RuneScape players who buy gold in order to reduce demand from gold producers which they can profit from. Jagex contacted suspicious accounts today to issue a final warning. Any other violation will result in permanent bans.

Duel arena death

Banning gold buyers isn’t the only move Jagex has taken to overcome real-world trading. In the near future, he will also remove the dueling arena from the two RuneScape and Old School RuneScape.

Duel Arena is a popular PvP minigame where players can compete against each other for in-game stakes. The idea is that two players can have a friendly match and put wealth on the line to make things more interesting. However, this does not work in practice.

Runescape Buy Gold Real World Trading Rwt Duel Arena deleted

Instead, the Duel Arena is a hub for endless real-world commerce, scam, and toxicity. According to Jagex, 38% of all real-world trade-related bans occur at the Duel Arena. This feature needs to be removed in order to truly fix the issue.

While Jagex considers the best way to remove the Duel Arena, temporary measures have been put in place to control the aforementioned issues. In the future, players will only be able to bet up to 50 million gold per duel. But by early 2022, he hopes to completely replace the Duel Arena with a “whole new experience that will be part of the ongoing Elder God Wars story.”

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