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Welcome to our guide “Ghostwire Tokyo: What are Hannya’s attacks and how to beat him?”. During Ghostwire: Tokyo, Hannya is the 5th and final boss you will face. He is the man who is responsible for everything that happened in the city, as well as the kidnapping of Akito’s sister at the start of the game. Here’s how to defeat him.

What are Hannya’s attacks in Ghostwire Tokyo?

Despite her new appearance, Hannya will fight like Yaseotoko, using the same powers, including some of Yaseotoko’s skills. Initially, the Hanngon will drop a huge firebomb, numerous less destructive firebombs, and three fire lances. This allows it to fire conventional aerial missiles or tornadoes that point in a set direction. Her water magic will allow her to produce waves that are initially only effective in close-up, but eventually reach long distances.
Besides the usual magic skills, Hannya has a few other tricks up her sleeve. First, he can jump far behind him, separating the two. Second, he can execute a stampede assault, crawling at a faster rate towards you. Hannya also has a vomiting motion that produces hands on the ground. These hands don’t hurt you, but they do slow you down and make you vulnerable. Finally, destroying one of Hannya’s cores summons a group of black visitors. There will be several types, and the boss won’t return until you defeat them all.

How to beat Hannya?

The final battle would take place in a large arena, comparable to that of Yaseotoko. Again, enough space to move around, escape assaults and prepare weaves. Hannya has 3 nuclei which are visible from the start: him, his daughter and his wife. You must smash each core without dying. This is when previous boss experience will come in handy. Defending against water strikes is difficult, so just watch and look for return windows. Air shots are easier to parry, but they have a strange timing and guidance property. If you can’t parry and avoid the damage, flee to the sides. As for his fire attacks, you can block them perfectly, but the blast radius will still hurt you if you try to block them perfectly.
The rest is relatively standard. Just move to the side. The jump is the most vexing because it makes it difficult to shoot the masks. Attacking the cores will likely prolong the battle, as it moves from side to side, not always exposing the masks. Your shooting abilities are the best due to their damage and range, but they will wear down quickly depending on your SP. Your primary weapon will be Wind Weaving projectiles, so don’t waste shots by not zooming. The battle ends when all three masks are gone.

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