RuneScape Streamer is losing 30 billion gold ahead of its family, but has it been staged?

While playing RuneScape, a Twitch content creator is streaming live losing 30 billion in-game gold as his wife and child sit nearby.

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Like many MMOs, in-game items and gold in RuneScape have become valuable commodities, with individual players and businesses trading the commodities for real money. Actual trading in in-game items is considered a rule violation and may result in a ban, but it is also a lucrative way for people to gamble. RuneScape to earn real money. As a result, many players have found ways to get around the rules.

The two versions of RuneScape feature player-versus-player combat in the form of various PvP modes, including one called Duel Arena. When killed by another player in the Duel Arena, the winning player gets as a reward whatever the defeated character is wearing.

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On August 26, Twitch streamer VoldemartLive was playing Old School RuneScape and entered the Duel Arena carrying 30 billion gold, the equivalent of about $ 15,000 in real money. As soon as he charged into the arena, the streamer started screaming about his health, cursing and calling for help. While his wife and child sat on a nearby couch, VoldemartLive was killed by another player within 15 seconds, losing all of their gold. VoldemartLive temporarily disappeared from the screen as his wife sat in apparent shock, covering her mouth with her hand. The streamer then returned to the screen and began to smash his controller on a chair, while his young son watched in confusion. His wife then covered the child’s face and rushed out of the room.

Runescape streamer loses 30 billion gold with family nearby

People who saw the incident with VoldemartLive are mixed. Some think the confrontation was genuine, but a majority seem to think it was staged. The main argument made by those who think VoldemartLive’s loss of in-game gold was real is that her young child was sitting nearby and could have been startled by the screams or hurt when the streamer started breaking his controller. The person who killed VoldemartLive is also known to be part of a group that posted videos of themselves camping out in the Duel Arena spawn area and killing players for billions of gold.

On the flip side, those who are convinced the incident was faked point out that having his wife and child nearby would lend credibility to a staged PvP death in order to cover up real-world commerce. . Other elements of the video lean towards this side of the argument. Firstly, VoldemartLive even entering the dueling arena with this amount of gold is suspect, as it seems unlikely that anyone is likely to lose items of so much real value. Second, the streamer died almost instantly without any real attempt to defend himself. Live broadcast of death reportedly provides documented explanation for sudden $ 30 billion RuneScape gold from its inventory. Others believe a woman would know if her husband’s in-game items were worth $ 15,000 but, when VoldemartLive started screaming about his health, she appeared not to take him seriously and even had a visible smile. .

Runescape is available on Mobile and PC.

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