Runescape streamer panics over family after losing $ 15,000 in gold

After teleporting to the wrong world on Old School Runescape, a streamer lost $ 15,000 in-game gold and completely panicked in front of his family. However, there is speculation that the whole storyline has been staged.

As with any MMORPG, Old School Runescape players spend countless hours grinding and earning cash to purchase all of the best items in the game.

However, unlike many titles of the same genre, Runescape has specific areas and worlds where if a player is killed with their gold, everything is thrown to the ground.

These PvP locations are incredibly dangerous and avoided by the majority of players when not ready for a fight.

Unfortunately, a Runescape streamer made the mistake of logging into a PvP world, which resulted in him being killed for over 30 billion gold.

Real-World Trading is the term used to buy Runescape gold for IRL silver, which is against the rules of the game.

Streamer Runescape Loses 30 Billion Gold, But Was It A Fake?

August 26, VoldemartLive was playing Old School Runescape to his viewers and interacting with his cat while his family sat in the background.

Not realizing he was in a PvP world and with 30 billion gold in his inventory, the streamer teleported to the Duel Arena and was immediately attacked by another player. Unable to escape, VoldemartLive began to panic and even asked his viewers to come and save him.

Unfortunately, it was too late for anyone to step in and he was knocked out by the opposing player. That’s when VoldemartLive started screaming and panicking about what had just happened in front of his wife and child.

As he smashed his helmet and slammed his chair, it was obvious that he had just settled in, that he had lost $ 15,000 in gambling gold.

Despite this, after the clip was posted on the LivestreamFail subreddit, not everyone was convinced by the streamer’s reaction and there is a lot of speculation that the whole storyline was staged for “real world trading”. Although it is against the rules of the game, Old School Runescape Gold can be exchanged for IRL silver through third party websites.

With 30 billion gold worth around $ 15,000, some players believe this pending death was a way to cover up the transfer. They argue that by dying to another player, it is impossible to claim that the exchange was deliberate.

However, others disagree, saying doing the transfer continuously would make no sense as it would only draw attention to the act.

Not only that, they argue that VoldemartLive instantly attempts to teleport, and it’s plausible to accidentally hold so much gold on your way to the Duel Arena.

We’ll never know for sure if the clip was staged or if it was just a simple streaming error, but it certainly created a wedge within the Old School Runescape community.

Even if the money was traded in the real world, it would be difficult for Jagex to find it on VoldemartLive, as he could still claim that he had just been killed by another player.

Either way, this is just a reminder for all Runescape players to constantly check the world they are in right now or it could cost you everything you own in the game.

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