RuneScape will get new content next week, Fresh Start XP changes this week

There will be no new content this week in Runescape due to a game jam, but the team explained which week 3 of the new New start worlds will be like, and plan something new for next week.

Some time ago the Runescape The team announced that sometimes the developers would have free time to devote to passion projects. This week there will be no changes to the game due to a game jam, but these game jams have occasionally resulted in significant additions or improvements. One of the most recent examples is the visual upgrade for free play zones which was posted several weeks ago.

While the team isn’t making any content changes this week, they’re already teasing a preview of some new content coming later this week and slated for release next Monday. There are no details yet, but we will all know soon.

As for the Fresh Start worlds, there is a change in the XP boost. The XP boost in Fresh Start will actually be split into two types. Those skills below level 70 will level up faster. While all skills get increased XP rates, those under 70 will get a 75% boost, while those over 70 will get a 50% bonus. Other boosts for the week include a 50% accuracy boost and Tier 2 auras unlocked.

Next week’s Fresh Start XP changes haven’t been revealed in full yet, but the two-tier skills per level bonus will continue. We can expect the first additional skill boost for over 70s as well as ongoing additional bonuses for those under 70. There will also be other bonuses.

Today, October 10, is World Mental Health Day and the team has created a special charity pack with special items, as well as the option to donate to the campaign for 50 RuneCoins in exchange for a new title, The Benevolent.

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