RuneScape’s Ironman Party Mode keeps an old promise

For several years, Old School RuneScape players were given the opportunity to increase the difficulty of the online MMORPG by making the “Ironman” account unable to trade with other players. Many like this added difficulty despite Old School RuneScapeThe emblematic base difficulty of, because it offers a new gaming experience where everything must be won by the player’s own hands. This experience is rewarding and gives dedicated players bragging rights, even though it can be considerably lonely.


Old School RuneScape is a revival of the MMORPG released in 2007, brought back due to such a large population of the current game favoring the older version over the newer RuneScape 3. Despite the revival of the old RuneScape Being extremely true to its original form, Jagex continues to add fan favorite features to suit modern gamers. On October 6, one of the latest additions was a long-awaited “Group Ironman” mode.

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A nostalgic game with modern updates

lumbridge Castle kitchen level 33 old school runescape

Old School RuneScape has added a significant amount of content since February 2013. In addition to Jagex adding additional boss challenges, the developer has worked in tandem with the community to shape new features. Since the inception of Ironman Mode, players have been asking for even more flexible ways to play. Since then, the Hardcore Ironman mode has been released, in which a player receives the title of “Hardcore” until his death. Adding these extra layers made Old School RuneScape very unique compared to its original incarnation.

While the community appreciated the addition of the Hardcore Ironman mode, many participating players found it to be a lonely experience. With potential RuneScape Release on Switch and the ability to play on mobile devices, the MMORPG experience has grown tremendously, so it can seem isolating not being able to interact with others. To break this cycle, the community began to suggest some sort of “team” mode.

This was originally rejected because the demands of redesigning such an old 2007 code seemed too difficult at first. Corn Old School RuneScape continued to grow and break concurrent player records, and in October 2019, Jagex announced that he had started working on a game mode called Group Ironman. The community celebrated the potential future Old School RuneScape, but Jagex never gave a specific release date.

RuneScapeThe story of is filled with seemingly endless possible additions thanks to comments from moderators and suggestions from the community. The developer regularly runs in-game polls to get players to vote on any updates. A recent example is a survey on the implementation of the RuneScape mod HD, which has since passed the voting stages. Even when these polls are successful, audiences are never assured of a release date, as developing current and future content simultaneously can be difficult.

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Waiting for news on the Ironman group

oldschool runescape with group ironman teaser

There are plenty of tips online for Ironman players, but being able to play in a group can be a game changer. As Jagex initially teased, one player can be the party’s potions master while another prepares the food, creating a plethora of never-before-seen combinations. Over time, without Jagex providing any news about the update, many in the community began to lose hope. People continually asked for updates, but the developer had remained silent.

The game’s subreddit started making Ironman-themed memes, treating the mode like it was a dream and never really been announced. Content creators turned to alternative ideas, and when the popular RuneScape YouTuber “Settled” started their region-locked Ultimate Ironman run in 2019, much of the community had already surpassed the hype for the Ironman group. Other creators have lost billions in the dueling arena, while Jagex has remained silent.

Then like Runescape celebrated its 20th anniversary this year, players were given an Ironman group release date, due just a month after the announcement. The vote for its implementation was passed with a massive majority in favor. In fact, the vote for the addition of the Ironman group became the most voted poll in RuneScape‘s, far surpassing the addition of Warding as a twenty thousand voice skill. Two years after the concept was originally mentioned, Group Ironman released and Old School RuneScape has seen a higher number of players than ever.

It’s satisfying for many Old School RuneScape players, as the developer has always kept a close watch on their fan base to improve as much as possible. This demand has been slow to materialize, but new modes like these bring groups of friends together around a nostalgic game that has had passionate fans for decades. Hopefully now that RuneScape Launched on Steam, the community will continue to see it supported by incoming players falling head over heels for the MMORPG.

Old School RuneScape is available now on Mobile and PC.

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