Rust Console Update 1.53 Patch Notes

Facepunch and Double 11 released the latest Rust Console Update 1.53 patch notes, and there are some gameplay fixes as well as issues with UI, items and more.

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Rust Console Edition | Offshore Blow Trailer

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Rust Console Edition | Offshore Blow Trailer





Key Changes – Rust Console Update 1.53 Patch Notes

While there are definitely more updates to come, there’s plenty of gameplay, items, landmarks, and UI. There’s also a list of known issues so players can get an idea of ​​what’s coming in the next update.

Fixes for timed explosives disappearing then being thrown, as well as the ability for players to pass through monument vents. Long story short, there are a lot of bugfixes this time around.

Rust Console Update 1.53 Patch Notes

The following Rust Console Update 1.53 patch notes were taken from the official Double 11 Rust doc new page:

Gameplay – Rust Console Update 1.53 Patch Notes

  • Rockets fired by the Bradley APC and Attack Helicopter now travel at the correct speed.
  • Reduced the distance needed for scientists to stop being aggressive towards players.
  • Scientists will no longer continue to shoot killed players that respawn nearby and out of sight.
  • Scientists will no longer target players out of range.
  • Removed debris collision from destroyed barrels.
  • Throwing objects at shallow angles will no longer disappear.


  • Timed explosives no longer disappear when thrown at objects.
  • Reduced the flashing effect when firing a weapon with the Holosight attachment at night.
  • Swapping one item of clothing with another when the inventory is full will no longer cause the original item to be lost.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause incendiary ammo to continue damaging player kills after respawning.
  • Partial fix for sheet metal building blocks appearing completely white from a distance.
  • Frog Boots are back in the Clothing section of the crafting menu.
  • Players can no longer traverse floors or ceilings using a wooden ladder.
  • Multiple wooden ladders can no longer be deployed on top of each other.
  • Partially fixed black shadows on ceilings when campfire is on.
  • Driving a boat no longer triggers auto-equip for the active hotbar slot when auto-equip is enabled in the Options menu.

The monuments

  • Fixed players being able to clip through the vents of various monuments.
  • Fixed force crouching at freighter, dome, and water treatment plant.
  • Fixed an issue that caused players to clip through freighter ceilings.
  • Players are no longer blocked from traveling through launch site vents.
  • Players can now only sleep for up to 30 minutes inside a safe zone, then they are automatically killed.
  • The outpost’s small oil refinery can be used to make low-grade fuel again.
  • Fixed texture issues at the airfield.

user interface

  • Fixed an issue with the death screen map causing the game to crash softly.
  • Fixed an issue with the in-game map preventing the UI from being interactive.
  • The Demolish option is now grayed out in the Hammer build/upgrade menu after 10 minutes, instead of being hidden. This ensures that menu options are always in the same position.
  • The death screen no longer displays incorrect information when killed by a scientist or bandit.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the tech tree to hang smoothly.
  • The locked crate’s map icon now disappears when the crate has been looted or when it disappears.
  • Fixed various text localization issues.

Here is the full list of changes for Update 1.53. More will come in the near future to fix more bugs. Take a look at our list of major known issues:

Major known issues (we are working on it)

  • In-game achievements.
  • Scientific aggro range.
  • Scientist firing at Outpost.
  • Scientists do not lose their target after the player dies.
  • Silent footsteps when using Frog Boots.
  • The player becomes hostile after being attacked by another player in the outpost.
  • Under the card prevention problems.
  • Double sound problem.
  • Sound crash when boating or big gun fights.

Some issues that you perceive as major may not be on this list, even if the team is aware of them. Don’t worry, we’ll get to them and fix them! The bullet points above are our priority list.

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