SHARKULA Trailer Unleashes A No-Budget Shark/Vampire Hybrid

From Mark Poloniathe filmmaker behind the next Amityville in spacecomes the characteristic of the aquatic creature Sharkulawhich is also released by Wild Eye Releasing this year.

Sharkulaas you can imagine, seems like a no-budget affair with a catchy title, a cool poster, and nothing else to do, but hey, we still love this kind of silly horror!

Rue Morgue launched the Sharkula trailer this week, found below.

“Count Dracula’s curse lives on in shark-infested waters, claiming the lives of a tourist community. A hunt at sea for the new species results in monsters, madness and bloodshed. This great white calls the bite in terror, and he has help with the help of new vampires determined to see him survive.

The film’s cast includes Jeff Kirkendall like Dracula, Kyle Rappaport like Renfield, Jamie Morgan like Mina, as well as Nathalie Himmelberger, James Kelly and Titus Himmelberg.

Wild Eye will be released Sharkula this month of June, just in time for summer.

Polonia is a longtime horror filmmaker, with 70 credits under his belt, including Splatter Farm, Lethal Nightmare, Peter Rottentail, Sharkenstein, Bigfoot vs. Zombiesand Sister Krampus.

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