Skate Sim release date, time, price and new pre-order bonuses

Session: Skate Sim has been in Steam Early Access since 2019 and Xbox Preview since 2020, now Session: Skate Sim 1.0 release date, time, price and pre-order bonuses have been revealed. Do a flip.

Session | Update Trailer

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Session | Update Trailer





Session: Skate Sim Release Date

We can confirm that the amazing flippin skate simulator will be released on September 22, 2022.

Session: Skate Sim release time

The official Creature Studios The Twitter account has now confirmed the official Session: Skate Sim 1.0 release times:

  • Consoles: 1 a.m. PST / 4 a.m. EST
  • PC: 9:00 a.m. PST / 12:00 p.m. EST

Session: Skate Sim Prize

Pre-order bonus

While Xbox owners can upgrade to the Supporters Pack, PlayStation 4 and 5 owners can get the Standard Edition or Deluxe Edition Session: Skate Sim pre-order bonuses. Here’s everything players can get in all editions, with the Standard Edition only containing the base game:

Fan Pack:

  • 9 new outfits
  • 10 new board designs
  • The largest skatepark in Europe – Pétruss Skatepark, Luxembourg
  • The Hangar training area
  • 2 exclusive non-slip strips

Deluxe version:

  • 9 new outfits
  • 2 exclusive handles
  • 2 new deck designs
  • prisoner outfit
  • The largest skatepark in Europe – Pétruss Skatepark, Luxembourg
  • The Hangar training area


The following game presentation text was taken from the PlayStation Store:

“Designed by and for skateboarders, Session: Skate Sim is an ultra-realistic skateboarding game that combines the aesthetics of ’90s skate culture with modern gameplay.

“Dual-stick controls mimic the feel of your feet on a skateboard for total board and skater control.

“Try iconic real-life skate spots, customize your skater and gear with gear from top skate brands.”

“Component customization (trucks, riser pads, wheels, etc.) impacts the way you skate. Find the right combination for your style and shred the most iconic spots.

There are also plenty of iconic street skate spots, including:

  • Black Hubbas (New York)
  • Banks of Brooklyn (New York)
  • FDR Park (Philadelphia)

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