Smart strategies for profitable herbal offerings

Consumers are increasingly interested in plant-based and meatless dishes. According to Technomic 2021 Center of the Plate: Seafood and Vegetarian Consumer Trends Report, the majority of the population (78%) does not follow a specialized/vegetarian or vegan diet, which means that they allow meat, fish and dairy products in their diet. Additionally, according to Mintel’s 2021 Plant-based Protein Study, 86% of consumers who order plant-based protein are neither vegans nor vegetarians. Yet 42% of consumers say they eat a vegetarian or vegan meal at least once a week, up from 34% in 2018. With more diners interested in eating meatless meals once in a while, many operators are opting to add more of herbal options. to their menus. Of course, menu success is important, so it will be crucial for operators to be strategic in choosing foods that are gaining popularity to offer, as plant-based options are an easy way to ensure menu success. menu.

For some operators, there may be a bit of hesitation that keeps them from adding more plant-based choices to the menu – misconceptions about affordability versus profit, for example, as well as maybe not not knowing how to create high-margin plant-based options that diners will love can hold operators back. Luckily, though, there are ways to ensure menus are cost-effective while still tasting delicious.

Dispelling Cost Misconceptions

Plant-based meals are often seen as being more expensive to produce and, in turn, have to be more expensive on the menu, which can put off some diners. And for some brands offering plant-based protein options, this remains the case: those plant-based proteins cost operators more, and those costs are passed on to diners. Luckily, not all brands that provide plant-based protein are more expensive. Basic American Foods, for example, offers plant-based protein crumbles that are similarly priced to animal protein, allowing operators to price their plant-based meals more affordably. And, according to Mintel 2019 vegetable protein According to one study, nearly three-quarters of consumers say they would buy more plant-based protein at restaurants if it were more affordable. And in fact, while the perception may be that plant-based meals cost more than meals with meat, overall that’s not the case, perhaps thanks to lower-cost protein. that help balance the scales.

Take a look at the average prices of the different entry types:

Given these prices, it’s easy to see that offering plant-based choices — as long as they’re made with affordable ingredients — doesn’t necessarily mean menu items will have to be more expensive to make up the difference.

How to make plant-based options that will please everyone

There are a few things to consider when adding plant-based options to the menu. The first is flavor. Be sure to keep consumer preferences in mind – global foods are on the rise, but many consumers may prefer to stick with familiar flavors and formats, especially if they are already stepping out of their comfort zone by ordering a vegetable protein.

Some of the most popular global cuisines are Mexican and Italian, so for operators who want to offer a mix of exciting and familiar options, these two cuisines are a great place to start. Try using plant-based protein crumbs as an alternative to meat in dishes like tacos or burritos and in place of traditional beef and pork bolognese.

Additionally, operators should ensure they offer plant-based dishes throughout the day. Here are some ways to incorporate plant-based options across the slices of the day.

Choose the right products for the menu

Not all plant proteins are created equal. Choosing a product that is versatile enough to meet the needs of all slices of the day while being delicious enough to keep customers coming back for more is key. Basic American Foods Plant Protein Crumbs are available in these delicious flavors – Chorizo, Beef, and Southwestern Seasoned – making them an easy choice for a wide range of dishes from the morning menu to snacks, appetizers and more Again. Best of all, they are similarly priced to animal protein, so traders can make these plant-based swaps without worrying about higher food costs.

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