Superstore: Glenn and Cheyenne destroy a holy grail comic

Things got to a new level on Superstore when Cheyenne was helping Glenn dig through a box of things and they destroyed a holy grail comic.

Throughout the race Hypermarket, the workforce of Cloud 9 Store 1217 did a lot of crazy and horrible things. It was not It’s always nice in Philadelphia horrible levels, of course, but still ridiculous in their own way. But in all the absurdity that happened on Hypermarket, maybe the worst crime in an individual episode was the one Cheyenne and Glenn committed against all geekdom.

By the time Season 4 Episode 20 began, a few things had changed in Store 1217. Glenn had demoted himself to the rank of a ground worker so he could spend more time with his family. And Amy, who recently had her second child, was promoted to principal after blackmailing her district manager. Looks like she did something horrible, but it was the right decision given the circumstances.

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But the staff was really starting to feel the financial crisis. Working in retail is rarely a profitable experience for anyone who does the day-to-day work in the sales space. Things got even worse as the Cloud 9 company pushed Amy to make do with fewer and fewer hours for her staff. She kept reworking her schedule to try to ease the pain as much as possible. This usually meant just taking Jonah’s hours and giving them to everyone.

Cheyenne, Mateo and Glenn ruin Superman

Meanwhile, Cheyenne and Mateo hatched their own plan. They found a way to sell their old stuff in the store using their existing point of sale system and having the money sent to another account. It worked well enough that Glenn wanted to be part of the action. As such, he brought a box of stuff from his house that included a Mickey Mantle rookie card and a copy of Action comics # 1. There is no greater artifact in all of geekdom.

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It was then that Cheyenne and Glenn committed an absolute atrocity. Not knowing the value of the artifacts in front of them, they threw away the old baseball cards. This was rectified later in the episode when someone from the company who was visiting the store rescued Mickey from the garbage. At the very least, this piece of history was saved from total destruction, even if Glenn didn’t make any money out of it.

The copy of Action comics # 1 isn’t doing as well. Glenn was about to throw it away too, when Cheyenne grabbed it, ripped off a piece of the blanket, and put her chewing gum in it. Witnessing the total destruction of one of the most valuable comics ever printed, even jokingly, is too much for a self-respecting geek to bear. The only thing arguably worse would be the destruction of an unopened 25-year-old copy of Super Mario 64.

Similar jokes where priceless artifacts are destroyed have already been made. And Action comics # 1 is a popular target. But this particular moment was especially difficult because Glenn really needed the money. Selling either of these items could have solved all of his financial problems. That being said, not demoting himself would have prevented Glenn from giving up the $ 90,000 a year he lost and avoiding these issues in the first place.

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