Take a friend or four on your adventures in Gielinor with Old School RuneScape’s Group Ironman Mode

Old School RuneScape can be dangerous, so Jagex now suggests that you take a friend (or four). Specifically, Jagex has now implemented Group Ironman mode, allowing players to team up in groups of two to five in the game’s grueling Ironman mode.

In RuneScape, modes are only implemented when they receive high enough support from fans. In the case of the Ironman Group, 80% of the 140,000 players surveyed said they wanted to see the mode, which was the highest up-vote ever in OSRS’s eight-year history.

As with the normal Ironman, the goal is to set new records and reach the top of the leaderboards. Unlike normal Ironman, which is usually a single player effort, players in your party in the new mode can trade items with each other. You can recruit your party on a new island off the coast of the main tutorial island after casting the spell on the chicken. (Seriously.)

If your party is looking for the ultimate challenge, there is also Hardcore Group Ironman, in which the party has a limited number of kills and will be transformed into a normal Ironman group when that limit is reached. There are a lot of other tricky rules to follow for both modes, and masochistic players can see all the details. on the RuneScape website.

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