The 10 best MMORPGs for Android

MMOs are traditionally PC games, and when they overwhelm the user with menus and options, it’s hard for developers to transfer that experience to mobile. Experienced PC MMO gamers will buy programmable mice, bind half their keys to various abilities, and use their keyboards to purchase in-game items at rates that would make a Wall Street broker blush.

When it comes to mobile MMOs, developers know that it’s impractical to do all of this using a phone. While there are notable exceptions to MMOs offering an equivalent experience to their PC counterparts – the best example being RuneScape – most of these games were made exclusively for mobile. That doesn’t mean you have to miss something; We’ve rounded up the cream of the crop to make sure you won’t waste time on cheap, half-baked games designed to squeeze the most money out of your pocket.


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Old School RuneScape

It’s hands down the best MMO you can play on mobile right now. A direct port of its PC counterpart, Old School RuneScape for Android makes no compromises. If you suggested there might be a mobile version of RuneScape in 2007, you’d be laughed out of town and you’d be laughed out of country if you suggested it offered the exact same experience as its PC counterpart.

Old School RuneScape’s point-and-click controls, combined with its simple yet addictive gameplay, make for a smooth experience. If you’re looking for cutting-edge graphics that can push your phone to its limits, look elsewhere; it’s for those willing to overlook dated graphics and animations for an experience that never ceases to satisfy. Even if you achieve what most don’t and manage to max out all of your skills, you still have the mountain that is Ironman to climb. Good luck.


If you’re unfamiliar with RuneScape, the question on your mind right now is probably, “What’s the difference?” While Old School RuneScape is dedicated to preserving and refining the 2007 version of the game, RuneScape has no such limitations. This game is constantly evolving, adding new skills and environments that keep it feeling fresh.

RuneScape is the perfect choice for gamers who want lots of action without feeling overwhelmed. While various areas are locked behind several level requirements, you never feel locked in. Each area has plenty of unlocked content over time, so you’ll be constantly coming back to complete new quests or open previously locked doors. Simple to learn while simultaneously providing a deep and fulfilling experience, RuneScape will not disappoint.​​​​​​​

Albion online

MMOs usually have more menus than a restaurant on Valentine’s Day. But how do you fit so much information on a handheld screen? The Albion Online developers have carefully circumvented this problem by designing a game where you just don’t need all that clutter, and it combines that fantastic structure with an incredible amount of functionality.

Albion’s progression system is unique among MMOs. Rather than experience, players earn “Fame”, allowing them to unlock large tiers of goodies. It’s an interesting experience that makes grinding less painful. Like RuneScape, there are no classes. Each player simply equips what they choose to define their playstyle, making everyone feel like they truly have full control of how they play.

Albion’s strength lies in its careful combination of traditional MMO mechanics with new and innovative features. If you’re bored with the current rotation of MMOs, this should be your next stop.​​​​​​​

Villagers and Heroes

While MMOs offer a nice way to beat up strangers without real-world repercussions, sometimes you just need a break from all that violence. Villagers & Heroes brings the focus closer to crafting and building, allowing players to build entire villages with minimal combat.

The graphics are a little rougher than I’d like, falling in the space between the nostalgic polygons of Old School RuneScape and the realistic landscapes of Black Desert, but don’t let that distract you from the gameplay. While distracting from combat would cripple other MMOs, Villagers & Heroes makes crafting and resource harvesting fun. It’s an incredibly satisfying experience that won’t have you throwing your phone out the window when you lose your stuff.​​​​​​​

order and chaos

As someone who’s only dabbled in World of Warcraft (WoW), even I did a double take when I first saw Order & Chaos. Gameloft is known for churning out knockoffs of AAA titles – no matter how decent – and the inspiration from Blizzard’s flagship game is obvious to anyone who’s seen a WoW poster. Its classes, factions, graphics, and gameplay mechanics are shamelessly copied, but in the end, it’s the only decent WoW clone on mobile.

Order & Chaos offers a polished experience that, while lacking in innovation, ticks all the right boxes for an MMO. It’s perfectly optimized for mobile devices, so whether you’re raiding, exploring, or engaging in PvP, you won’t find yourself struggling with clunky controls or squinting at your screen. .​​​​​​​

Adventure Quest 3D

Not all MMOs are meant to be played forever. If you’re looking for an MMO you can actually complete, try Adventure Quest. If you play regularly during the breaks, you will reach the maximum level in one year. You won’t find large-scale PvP battles or massive questlines here; instead, you get a fun, simple, and relaxed MMO.

Monetization isn’t a big part of this game either. Like all MMOs, Adventure Quest has options to pay for various classes and cosmetics, but you won’t fall far behind without them. If you’re looking for a fun and casual MMO, or if you’ve never played an MMO before, this is a great place to start.​​​​​​​

Echoes of Eve

Eve Online, the massive PC MMO, has a reputation for being extraordinarily complex. It’s packed with menus and lists, essentially serving two purposes as an MMO and accounting training program. Eve Echoes is the opposite.

Eve Echoes is a refreshing take on the traditional MMO formula. Rather than throwing players into another fantasy world full of orcs and elves, the game gives them a spaceship and says, “Good luck!” This game isn’t just for sci-fi fans either; it’s designed as a sandbox from the ground up, so you won’t find yourself in brick walls too often. It’s a fairly complex MMO – pretty much the opposite of Adventure Quest – but unlike its big brother, you won’t need any spreadsheets.

However, for Eve Online veterans, it’s hard to recommend. It strips out many features which, while fantastic for the mobile gaming experience, are noticeable in their absence. But for those who just want a fun space-themed MMO, this should be at the top of your list.

Black Desert Mobile

Gamers who care about graphics above all else should give it a try. Black Desert aims for an ultra-realistic look and gets it perfectly. It’s a really impressive game, which only gets more impressive once you start playing.

Black Desert features fairly standard MMO mechanics. You have your main quest, side quests, a somewhat limited PvP mode, and various other elements that make for a decent attempt at an average MMO.

What it nails, however, is the presentation. It’s not just the static scenes that are pretty to watch; the combat is flashy and outlandish, and you can’t help but feel a little in awe when it all comes to a close. If Black Desert has a significant downside, the graphics can sometimes be too detailed, blurring together in a confusing mess. But when it all falls into place, it’s by far the most impressive game on this list.

maple story

It can be hard to imagine a 2D side-scroller as a full-fledged MMO, but Maple Story wraps it up in a charming chibi-style package and presents it with a smile. I wholeheartedly recommend Maple Story to anyone even remotely interested in MMOs – rarely does a game manage to showcase enjoyable gameplay while still offering enough content to keep you coming back for months.

The strength of Maple Story lies in having as much content as RunesScape or Albion, but in a simplified 2D package. The result is a game where gameplay matters above all else. There’s less grinding, less repetitive clicking, and more monster jumping and hitting.​​​​​​​

Mobile MMOs continue to grow in popularity. Coupled with the growth of more powerful phones with bigger screens, mobile MMOs are no longer a fun side quest meant to be played in your spare time – they’re the real deal. Once you’ve tried them, check out our regularly updated list of the best Android games on all platforms.

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