The 10 rarest pets you can get

Familiar Runescape Heron, Bloodhound and Kr'il

Old School Runescape continues to be one of the most played MMORPGs, despite being based on a game released in 2007. As gamers spend countless hours of their precious time developing their skills, playing games. mini-games or defeating bosses, they can sometimes stumble upon an absurdly rare item, a pet.

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Pets are a mini version of bosses or skill-affiliated animals that will follow you as a new little companion on your journey through Gielinor. While no pets are essentially easy to obtain (not counting the trusty pet rock), there are some particularly rare companions for your character to stumble upon.


OSRS Skilling Pets Racoon, Golems and Heron

There are 8 skillful familiars in Old School Runescape, each giving you a 30% chance of obtaining it when leveling a skill from 1 to 99.

While you of course always have the rare chance of stumbling upon one with all the skills you need to do, 30% chance for so much work is simply exhaustive. It’s true that most players looking to maximize their skills may encounter at least one on their account journey, but don’t expect to see a lot of them.

Golden Chinchompa – Hunter Skill Familiar

Golden Chinchompa Pet OSRS

If getting a specific skill pet wasn’t enough, then imagine having to roll for a special color.

Chinchompas are available in three colors: gray, red and black. If you are rewarded with the appearance of this skillful pet while trapping its brothers in boxes, the game lets you choose what color you want your new furry companion to be. While right clicking on it to change this you have the 1 / 10,000 chance that it will turn into a glorious golden Chinchompa, quickly becomes the envy of all.

Vet’ion Jr. – Vet’ion

Vetion OSRS

Vet’ion is considered by many to be one of the toughest bosses in the desert, but luckily he has a safe place, which makes him slightly easier for players with high combat and the right skill. to bring it down.

Still, defeating Vet’ion is no laughing matter, and even with the safe place, it can take about 5 minutes per kill. His precious Dragon Pickaxe and Ring of the Gods Drops also make his pursuers a prime candidate for the Pk’ers who prowl the region, making his 1/2000 pet drop not as big as it looks.

Callisto Cub – Callisto

Calisto Cub Pet Osrs

AT 1/2000 chances this little teddy bear doesn’t seem like the hardest pet to get hold of, but that just means you’ve never faced its furry relative.

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Callisto can only be killed about 10 times per hour take a long time to take down, and that’s ignoring the fact that its habitat is a popular killing spot for PK’ers looking to cash in on the Dragon Pickaxe drops that players can get from this fearsome beast.

Lil ‘Zik – Theater of Blood

Lil'zik osrs

One of the more recent pets, Lil ‘Zik is the much smaller version of the main vampire of the Theater of Blood, Verzik Vitur; currently the toughest monster in Old School Runescape.

At the end of the Théâtre du Sang, depending on your performance within the Raid and your team, you may have between 1/650 or 1 / 6’500 chance of getting Lil ‘Zik. While 1/650 doesn’t look too bad, just take into account how long does one of these raids take as well as how you consistently have to be on top of your team to quickly realize that getting this monstrous spider is no small feat.

God Wars Animals

God Wars Animals Osrs

The bosses of God Wars are no joke, being some of the toughest content of the old days and still continuing to bring grief to those same players all these years later.

All animals are one 1/5000, not associated with the difficulty of all, especially Kree-arra and K’ril Tsutsaroth, who are some of the rarest pets in the game. the boss’s lair, this also requires either an ecumenical key of the Wilderness God War’s Dungeon or for you to kill 40 followers from each domain. Ouch.

Body Creature / Pet Dark Core – Body Beast

Coporeal Beast OSRS

A rarely seen in-game pet, the Corporeal Critter (or Pet Dark Core if you choose to morph) comes to a 1/5000 chances, and that doesn’t even recognize that this beast is considered by many to be the toughest boss in Old School Runescape.

To kill him it is recommended to bring a team of no more than five people, because with too many people he can even start healing himself. Even with a party of five this boss takes a long time to bring down, and because of that, he still drops some of the most expensive items in the game today, including the Elysian Seal which can reach up to 1,000,000,000 gold on the Grand Exchange.

Jal-Nib-Rek / TzRek-Zuk – TzKal-Zuk

Jal-Nib-Rek OSRS

Jal-Nib-Rek (or if you want to morph, TzRek-Zuk) is the pet drop after completing Hell and defeating his main boss TzKal-Zuk.

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The Inferno is no laughing matter being by far one of the most difficult Old School Runescape content, with people devoting hours to its realization be rewarded with the Cap Inferno. The only reason Jal-Nib-Rek is not listed above is his 1/100 (or 1/75 on a killer task) chance of falling at the end of an Inferno, in addition to being able to exchange this magnificent Inferno cape for another 1/100 chance.

Bloodhound Pet Osrs

Watson’s trusty Bloodhound is by far a rare pet to see in the game, let alone think of owning yourself.

Getting one of these adorable puppies is no small feat, with a drop rate of 1/1000 of a Master Clue box. The main clues are some of the most difficult content in the game, requiring the completing major quests, high skill requirements, and expensive and hard-to-find items in sequence to complete their many stages. This puppy is truly the cutest and rarest boy in Runescape.

Pet penance queen

Queen of Penance OSRS

A rarely seen pet, and for good reason. The Pet Penance Queen is Old School Runescape’s ultimate boast.

The Pet Penance Queen can only be obtained by opting for a high stakes bet in Barbarian Assault. A high stakes bet requires a Bet of 500 honor points and needs you and your team to pass each wave and kill the Penance Queen at the end in order to qualify for a reward.

A full game of barbarian assault can already take over 30 mins, and after betting high stakes and achieving success, it’s still just a 1/1000 luck that you leave with a queen of good faith.

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