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words Alexa Wang

Trying to find the best Old School RuneScape melee weapons? We have what you need.

Old School RuneScape has a hell of a choice of weapons, and the worst part is that there’s no clear cut answer as to which one is ‘best’. As a result, the process of choosing your weapon can be complicated.

Nevertheless, having the crème de la crème of arms in OSRS is important if you want your character to progress and complete more in-game missions/quests. We’ll be talking about the best melee weapons in OSRS today – whether you prefer one-handed or two-handed melee weapons, don’t worry. Don’t worry, because there is something for everyone. Some of those listed below will require a fair amount of Gold OSRS to get them, while others can be acquired through rare drops.

dragon scimitar

Also known as the “old reliable”, the Dragon Scimitar needs no introduction – it’s been the weapon of choice for countless gamers thanks to its fashionable design and damage output profitable. It can be used by players who have 60 Attack and have completed the “Monkey Madness 1” quest. The Dragon Scimitar is also by far the most accessible weapon on this list so far, as it can easily be purchased for 100k OSRS Gold from Dagaz in Ape Atoll.

For PvP lovers, the sword has a neat special attack called “Sever”; At a cost of 55% of your Special Attack Energy, this attack hits with increased accuracy and prevents the target from casting “Melee/Magic/Missile Protection” prayers.

Abyssal Dagger

Ah yes, the most powerful dagger in all of OSRS; of course we had to include it in this list. This coveted small weapon is not only the best dagger in the game, it has also been crowned the best one-handed strength trainer due to its high DPS, making it an excellent choice for many players looking of a reliable weapon. The Abyssal Dagger requires 70 attacks to use, and enemies can also be poisoned over time. On average, a player has 20% to receive this weapon when using the junk on the consumptive source. This weapon surpasses even the Staff of the Dead in strength and accuracy, making its wielder a force to be reckoned with.

Saradomin Divine Sword

The Saradomin Godsword is best known as Commander Zilyana’s weapon in the God Wars dungeon. It can be obtained as loot from the commander or one of his bodyguards. This two-handed sword requires the player to have an attack of 70 to wield its power. What makes the Saradomin Godsword (or Sara Sword, for short) unique is its attack speed. Compared to other two-handed weapons, the Sara Sword has an attack speed of 4, making it just as fast as some of the more popular melee wielders such as the Abyssal Whip. The weapon can also be augmented by attaching Saradomin’s Tear to create the Blessed version which provides a +6 Strength bonus, +18 Slash, as well as an updated Special Attack. If you think you’re not lucky enough to get Commander Zilyana or his bodyguards to drop the weapon, you can craft the sword yourself by combining 3 Divine Sword Shards and a handful of Saradomin, both of which can be found in the God Wars Dungeon.

Abyss Whip

The Abyssal Whip is one of the best one-handed melee weapons in Old School RuneScape, period. It is also the preferred weapon of players who train for this specific skill (Melee); players must have an attack level of 70 to wield the Abyssal Whip. You can get this weapon as rare loot from Abyssal Fiends, but to face them you must already have at least 85 Slayer. It’s the perfect weapon to fund your OSRS account.

dragon claws

Dragon Claws are best known for their special attack, “Slice and Dice”, which deal large amounts of damage with gusto. Players use this weapon primarily for consistency, and luckily there are multiple ways to get them. Dragon Claws can be obtained as a rare reward at the end of the raid in Xeric’s Chambers, but if you’d rather craft them, you can do so using the Smithing skill.

Whatever your style of play, there’s a weapon for everyone who plays Old School RuneScape. Some of the best weapons can only be acquired by completing difficult tasks, while others can be purchased with OSRS GP. What do you think of the melee weapons we talked about? Let us know in the comments!

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