The Front Croesus introduces the very first RuneScape skill boss


Jagex has details unveiled regarding the third Elder God Wars front. Following the Nodon and Glacor fronts, the newly announced Croesus front will feature the very first RuneScape skill boss. This means that it will be the first boss that is defeated through the use of gathering skills rather than combat.

Those who know RuneScape may realize that this is not technically the first skill boss in the MMORPG. While the main RuneScape customer never received one, the retro-inspired Old School RuneScape several. This includes Wintertodt, the primary means by which OSRS players practice making fires. Given its popularity on Old School RuneScape, it was only a matter of time for the modern game to get an equivalent.

The forehead of Croesus

Being RuneScapeAs the first skill boss of, Croesus presents ideas never seen before. On the one hand, it will be impossible to die during the fight. Although teams can lose if they don’t deal enough damage via skills. The specific mechanics of the fight are still unknown and will remain secret until the boss is released.

Speaking of which, we have a release date. The Croesus Front will be added to RuneScape September 27. This includes the boss itself as well as the new skill nodes that can be found outside of the arena. There are nodes for four skills: Logging, Fishing, Hunter, and Mining. These will provide a low intensity alternative for training these skills at higher levels.


In terms of rewards, defeating Croesus offers a chance to receive one of the few drops. Among these is a new set of Rank 90 Magic tank armor. While similar to Achto, the new Cryptbloom armor offers several additional effects focused on reducing damage taken. These armor effects vary depending on the number of individual pieces worn.

In addition, two new hands-free are up for grabs. Tagga’s Basic Hammer is a level 80 secondary hand that speeds up the process of mining minerals when equipped. It provides a + 10% critical strike chance and increases critical strike damage against rocks by 35. The other new addition is Sana’s Frying Torch. This is used for chopping wood and provides a fixed hit rate buff of + 6% as well as a 1 in 5 chance of receiving an additional log.

An interesting side effect of the two new secondary skills is that they can be used to cultivate bursting and dead arrowheads. These new arrowheads are used to craft level 95 arrows which should help bows become more relevant in the meta. All the details can be seen in the reveal blog, but needless to say they are very powerful.

Those looking for quality of life items will not be disappointed. The new seed bag that can be made with materials deposited by Croesus can carry up to fifty different types of seeds at a time. Additionally, the Croesus front will introduce a Rune Pouch upgrade in RuneScape which wears four different runes and offers a 25% chance to save runes during combat.

Runescape Croesus Scripture Before Bik

And of course, what would a God Wars frontline be without a new God Book. This time around, we get Bik’s Scripture, a skills-focused pocket-sized article. When used while training non-combat skills, a condition catalyst has a chance to appear. Clicking on it will increase XP gained by 5% for one minute and reward between one and three random clue scrolls.


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