The last front of RuneScape Elder God Wars is Zuk and his TzekHaar army


That’s right, Zuk comes to RuneScape. Those who know Old School RuneScape may know Zuk as the final boss of the ultimate retro-style MMORPG challenge, The Inferno. But now it is added to main game as the boss of the last Elder God Wars front, the TzekHaar. RuneScape players will have to defeat Zuk and the TzekHaar front to save Gielinor.

Serving as a follow-up to the iconic Fight Caves and Fight Kiln, this challenge will be another wave-based survival mode. Each wave will spawn a selection of TzekHaar enemies to kill. The waves will get harder the closer you get to the final fight. Once all the waves are cleared, players will face Zuk himself.


Like with OSRS‘s Inferno, Zuk is the final boss of the Tzekhaar front in RuneScape. Upon release, Zuk will be the highest level enemy in RuneScape history, arriving at a staggering combat level of 14,000. The current high is a tie between Vorago, Yakamaru and Seiryu at just 10,000.

He will have 600,000 health points, but beyond that, the specific mechanics of combat are currently unknown. During the reveal live broadcast, it was hinted that Zuk would join some of the regular waves and not just appear at the end. Not to spoil anything, only the first three waves from the front were shown. The rest will be to discover once the front goes online on October 25.

Unlike the previous Inferno and TzHaar challenges, this front will feature checkpoints. The normal difficulty mode will have multiple control points, which will make it easier for players to progress to Zuk’s fight, although the hard mode variant of combat will only have one control point. Defeating Zuk on Hard Mode will reward better loot and exclusive rewards.

While expensive unique items will require Zuk to be defeated, players will also earn income from regular enemies. Defeating members of TzekHaar’s army will grant loot which will automatically be sent to a reward chest. This acts the same as the three existing elite dungeons.

For those who are worthy

It wouldn’t be a RuneScape God Wars front if the TzekHaar did not provide superb rewards. Fortunately, developer Jagex has it all covered. Zuk and his army are dropping several new rewards that will be of interest to even higher-level players.

Perhaps the most prestigious of all is the new level 95 two-handed sword, Ek-zekkil. This is the sword that Zuk uses during combat, and players can create it by combining three different parts. These parts are only dropped by Zuk in hard mode.

The Ek-Zekkil and its tinted variants.

In addition, four new capes are on the way. The first three relate to each of the main fighting styles: magic, melee, and ranged. These all provide useful passive as well as the best slots stats. The fourth and final cloak is a hybrid cloak that is obtained by performing a flawless wave run on hard mode. This means not dying once between the start of the first wave and the end of the fight against Zuk.

Some of the other unique new rewards include the Magma Tempest Ability Codex and Ful’s Writings. The Codex unlocks an ability that surrounds an enemy with deadly molten lava. As for Scripture, this increases all damage done by 20% while activated. Although this comes at the cost of 10% more damage taken.


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