The RuneScape Golden Hat Hunt Begins November 22

Runescape only released on Steam last year, but the game itself is already in its 20th year. As the year of celebration draws to a close, everyone has a chance to win a golden party hat. The hunt begins on November 22 and ends on January 3.

Veteran players know this party hat are some of the most sought after items in the game. This is because they have great value and are tradable. They have only been made available six times in the game’s entire history.

To earn this item, players must complete various tasks to obtain shards. There are 11 possible shards and only eight players for the Golden Party Hat. This is where players can find the fragments:

  • Speak to the wise old man waiting for players outside the Grand Exchange in Varrock.

  • Complete the Anniversary Quest “Once Upon a Time in Gielinor”. Read about it here.
  • Each time players earn a War Token, there is a chance of earning a Shard.

  • Fragments are also a possible drop after completing Clue Scrolls.

  • A fragment can be obtained when training combat skills (attack, strength, defense, distance, prayer, magic, constitution, summon).

  • A fragment can be obtained when training gathering skills (mining, fishing, woodcutting, farming, hunting, divination, archeology).

  • A shard can be obtained when training artisan skills (Herblore, Crafting, Fletching, Smithing, Cooking, Firemaking, Runecrafting, Building).

  • A fragment can be obtained when training support skills (Agility, Flight, Slayer, Dungeoneering).

  • A shard can be obtained at level 15 of the free track in the Christmas Yak Track event.

  • A shard can be purchased with 30 million in-game gold.

  • A shard is offered with the purchase of a Premier Club 2022 membership.

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There is another way to enjoy the anniversary of the game with Runescape: The first 20 years. It’s accompanied by artwork, concept art, and stories from the game’s development. There’s even an in-depth celebration of the world of Gielinor.

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Runescape is available on PC.

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