This hole-in-the-wall cafe in Joo Chiat has no price tag (yet)

There’s a new coffee for all your caffeine heads! Bangkok’s specialty coffee has entered Roastery and Kohi coffee bar and we bet it will be your new favorite cafe 😍 Serving coffee only, this Bangkok outlet offers all your favorite coffee drinks, as well as non-coffee options! The store is literally a hole in the wall, tucked away near the Peranakan shophouses 😱 Don’t worry about not being able to find it, their bright yellow storefront makes it hard to miss! Here’s what you should check for your next coffee break 😋
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Credit: @lickscreenfortaste for Instagram For those who want a strong kick, their espresso-based drinks will do 🤩 They use high-quality coffee beans from Guatemala (known to be the true coffee makers of Central America), Peru and more again ! Choose between hot or cold White, Black Where Mocha espresso with soy and oat milk also offered as an alternative!

OJ Iced Espresso. Credit: @kohi_sg for Instagram
Of course, you can just try their range of signature drinks, which have proven popular! You can up your espresso drink and make it even more unique. Replace the water with fresh coconut water to get the Iced Coconut Espressoor add orange juice for a OJ iced espresso 😱
The real signature drink is of course their specialty, the Kohito. It’s a long, iced black coffee with added milk and mint. It’s deliciously refreshing and it’s hard not to swallow it all at once! 🤭

Credit: @cweizhi for Instagram
Not a coffee drinker? Kohi also has you covered: matchathe creamy hojicha latteand good old Chocolate . You can also choose oat or soy milk alternatives, and make it hot or cold. And yes, these specialty drinks literally have no price tag! Just like their tagline says, they only accept tips (for now 😏) so you can decide how much you want to pay for the drink. Please don’t just pay one dollar though 🤨
Credit: @snowashes2.0 for Instagram
They also have another outlet at Kim Yam Road near Robertson Quay, however, this special is only available at Joo Chiat. It’s only happening until the end of this month, so hurry now and check it out before it ends! 💃🏽
Halal status: They only serve coffee in this store. We contacted them and they informed us that all of their coffees are alcohol free.
Addresses: 283 Joo Chiat Rd (Joo Chiat plug) Crane, 01-07, 46 Kim Yam Road (near Robertson Quay)
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