Urgent message from Money Saving Expert to anyone with unspent Tesco Clubcard vouchers

Money Saving Expert urges anyone with unspent Tesco Clubcard vouchers to ensure they claim them before they expire this month. The site says around £17million has yet to be claimed and warned buyers they could lose out if they don’t claim it in May.

Vouchers are usually good for two years, but there are ways to extend the expiration date for another two years. With nearly 20 million holders in the UK alone, Tesco’s scheme is incredibly popular, with shoppers able to access exclusive deals on everything from groceries to free trips to vacation spots.

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Last week, the supermarket defended its Clubcard scheme after shoppers criticized it charging vastly different prices for those who did not have one of the money-saving cards. Customers called the price differences “shocking”, “ridiculous” and “crazy”.

A Tesco spokesperson said: “Through Clubcard prices, we give over 20 million customers access to thousands of exclusive offers on everything from food staples like fruit and vegetables to treats like prosecco and ice cream. Signing up is free and easy, and customers can sign up on the Tesco Grocery & Clubcard app, website or in-store to start saving right away.

The moneysavingexpert.com website says: “Tesco’s Clubcard is one of the most generous loyalty programs on the market, if used correctly.”

The website also has advice on how to extend the expiration date:

  • Make a small purchase on the Clubcard site and the remaining balance is credited to your Clubcard account in the form of points.
  • They will then be re-issued as new vouchers (with an expiry date of up to two years in the future) the next time a batch is received. So if you spend 50p on a £10 voucher you will get £9.50 in new vouchers.
  • There is no minimum spend, but the goal is to spend as little as possible . A good option might be a 50p* restaurant voucher (worth £1.50 at your restaurant of choice).

The website adds: “Keep in mind that you’ll have to do this for each individual voucher, so assess if it’s really worth it for the smaller denominations. For example, if you have a £10 voucher, it’s worth probably worth it – if you have a handful of £1 vouchers, maybe less.”

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