Vince Russo says Bobby Lashley has no credibility to dethrone Roman Reigns

Former WWE personality Vince Russo has explained why he thinks Bobby Lashley isn’t a credible enough threat to beat Roman Reigns.

The tribal leader recently defended his undisputed WWE Universal Championship against Riddle on SmackDown. He must now defend the title again against Brock Lesnar in a Last Man Standing match at SummerSlam 2022.

In a recent interview with Wrestle Buddy, Russo mentioned that there are no credible opponents who can beat The Tribal Chief at the moment. When asked if Bobby Lashley could be the one, he pointed out that The Almighty has been beaten too many times on WWE programming:

“No, because they beat him to death, bro. They beat him, he lost his share of matches.” (25:49-25:58)

Check out Wrestle Buddy’s set interview video below:

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Vince Russo doesn’t think The Rock vs. Roman Reigns would benefit WWE in the long run

Roman Reigns and The Rock are two of the most influential figures in the industry, each with legitimate pulling power and massive fans.

With rumors already swirling about The Head of the Table vs. The Great One, Vince Russo has made his views known on how the high profile match could affect WWE business.

Speaking to Wrestle Buddy, Russo explained how a match between Reigns and The Rock would give WWE a boost, but the hype would be fleeting. He said:

“Yeah, but a fleeting shot in the arm, bro. Like if they ever had that at a WrestleMania or something, that would do good business and it would attract a lot of people. Bro, in two weeks they would be back to business as usual.”

It will be interesting to see if Roman Reigns gets the chance to defend his undisputed WWE Universal Championship against The Rock. But first, he must outgrow the beast incarnate.

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