Wealth creation goes beyond money

The standard for measuring wealth continues to evolve. Our definition of wealth is constantly changing in all cultures and countries around the world. We can also predict with some certainty that the items we consider luxury today will be considered ordinary tomorrow.

I remember growing up back then in the 70s/80s seeing the uncles who drove the Mercedez Benz 200 brand as very wealthy people; now, in the 21st century, it’s not even the cars rated for the rich anymore. At the time, I also remember that most families aspired to have a single television in the living room. Today, it is not uncommon to find televisions in the living room, kitchen, bedroom, etc.

The irregularities of what wealth means to us – both as individuals and as a society – show that wealth and our expectations of its rewards are in the eye of the beholder. When the era of financial technology (fintech) arrived, the means and measures of wealth evolved again. People can now create wealth digitally, transfer money across borders without physically moving. The focus on wealth creation has expanded even further to frontiers that no one envisioned in the 80s or 90s. The common denominator, however, remains the same: A DEEP DESIRE TO LIVE A BETTER LIFE.

By working every day with professionals and SMEs, I hear what they deeply aspire to. What is so intriguing about these people is that it becomes more and more evident with each passing year that the things human beings desperately yearn for today are not only universal and timeless, but are also become even more elusive and difficult to maintain.

The privileged and the less privileged want a better life. Many people have suddenly found themselves measuring their position in life on the most basic of scales: by their ability to secure food, shelter, and physical security. For the average person, prosperity meant owning a home and growing enough food to feed their family, and maybe having a few businesses.

Some women ask me, Lara, why do I need to be rich when I can just have the basics of life and live my life peacefully. Some tell me that wealth attracts too much attention, which is usually unnecessary. As some women say, I need to be rich by all means or I will feel like a failure.

The essence of wealth creation goes beyond money. It can also be somewhat categorized as Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory; which states that our actions are motivated by certain physiological needs. It is often represented by a pyramid of needs, with the most basic needs at the bottom and the most complex needs at the top. And need to find:-

  1. JOY

Happiness has become so hard to achieve and even harder to maintain. In my work within the women’s empowerment space, I’ve seen that happiness continually eludes many women because, first, they don’t understand exactly what will make them happy. Second, they seek happiness in another person (primarily their spouse, children, etc.) and until that need is met, you will continue to seek what does not exist.

  1. PEACE

We yearn for peace, desperately, the peace of noise, of pressure. We also want peace from the painful experiences inside our own heads and from the conflicts and tensions we put on ourselves every minute to be better, outshine others, and be smarter. The Wealth Creation Journey Offers the Practice We Need for cultivate and commit to finding peace no matter what is happening around us.


The freedom to follow your own true values ​​and beliefs and build strong boundaries to protect yourself from what others might try to impose on you. Building wealth requires boldness and courage to make decisions that may not be easy but can promise you the freedom to live the life you dream of.

  1. TRUST

Some researchers have reported that building wealth is more likely to make you feel positive emotions about yourself. You feel more satisfied, confident and with a greater sense of pride.

It is claimed that financial wealth predicts better psychological health.

Some researchers analyzed data from 5 studies, including a survey of more than 1.6 million people in 162 countries around the world. They found consistent evidence showing that wealth reliably predicted positive self-esteem emotions (such as pride, confidence, determination) and lower self-esteem emotions (anxiety, sadness, etc. .). and this, they say, also affects the emotions people feel towards others, such as love, gratitude, compassion and anger.


Fulfillment can somehow mean the achievement of something desired, promised or predicted.

The satisfaction one gets from fully developing one’s abilities, reaching one’s goal and more.

Your ability to create wealth will give you a kind of fulfillment and that’s what you feel when you believe you are living the life you desire. This is possible when you take bold steps towards the future you envision for yourself.


Many people live in fear of the future as such they are driven to build wealth and plan for the future and the rest of their lives. Retirement can be a difficult phase with increased medical and daily expenses. However, with the creation of wealth, one is very unlikely to experience insecurity.

In all of these things, however, a balance must be created. Seek to live a balanced life.

Balance refers to the equitable distribution of time for the many activities in your life. It could mean having enough time for work, business, family, friends, and community. And while having balance in your life is certainly a good thing, it might be even better to seek balance in your health.

Adopt a positive mindset and distance yourself from negative influences. This is essential for inner peace and happiness. Stay away from toxic people and environment as much as possible. Practice gratitude, avoid self-criticism, and do at least one thing every day that makes you happy. Adopt a healthy lifestyle: Your health will affect every other aspect of your life. It is important to invest in your physical and mental well-being. Eat healthy, get enough sleep, stay hydrated and exercise regularly.


“Absolutely, when we arrived with the Buhari government in 2015, I became a minister. We committed to a roadmap to establish a national carrier, concession airports, create a leasing company, establish cargo facilities and we did it.

On why the Buhari government wanted a national carrier, the minister replied, “Nigeria is located in the center of Africa, equidistant from all places in Africa. 30.4 million square kilometres, 1.5 billion inhabitants, a very green land. If Central and East Africa is the belt of the continent, Nigeria is its loop. 200 million people and a growing middle class, the propensity to fly is high. Nigeria is a candidate for National Carrier.

Sirika who insisted that the future national carrier will be driven by the private sector added; “Private. Yes. 5% government and no government directly involved in this business, no government oversight, no government on board. Completely private and committed.

“Everything we say we will do as a government since 2015 has happened. that’s why Tim Clark of Emirates, Qatar Airways and all are looking to fly to Nigeria on multiple frequencies and multiple landing points , because Nigeria is the right place for the aviation sector.

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