What does it take to freeze a MacBook Air M1? [Setups]

If you had a new MacBook Air with an M1 chip and 16GB of unified memory, how much would you have to do at a time for it to freeze, spawning the beach ball of death?

Redditor Typique_Andrew has tried it.

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“Don’t ask me why, but I love seeing computers in trouble, so I thought I would try freezing my MacBook Air M1 by running a 3D game, a 10 minute run of multi-core Cinebench R23, exporting a video 4K, watching YouTube, browsing Steam and scrolling Reddit, “the title of her post read.” I didn’t even manage to get a beach ball. 🙁 “

Kink shaming as well as serious consideration

“This is possibly the most cheesy kink / fetish I’ve ever heard of,” was the first response.

And it got more “blue” from there, with commentators abandoning many nerdtastic double meanings in the realm of sadomasochism. But most of the more than 200 comments on the article were only about the technology and its limitations.

“I actually bought this M1 because I wanted a way to play OSRS on the go, and my iPad just doesn’t turn it off for serious use,” Typique_Andrew said. “I have a desktop computer that I use for the majority of AAA games, but if I can play a game on this MacBook, I’m honestly happier playing it for portability. “

This has led to much discussion among Redditors as to whether the 3D multiplayer game OldSchool RuneScape (OSRS) is demanding enough to challenge Apple’s M1 chip.

Another gamer said that the game gets his 2017 Mac Intel i7 hot when watching YouTube at the same time. Typique_Andrew assured him that the M1 “doesn’t even sweat while playing the game” while watching YouTube on an external monitor.

Another reviewer noted that his Mac mini M1 only froze when it crashed with “three Photoshop projects open, a Lightroom album, two Word documents, and around 100 Safari tabs.”

The MBA mostly matches or surpasses the monster gaming PC

Typique_Andrew said he mostly keeps his MBA plugged into a monitor next to his PC.

“Honestly, I forget I’m doing all this math on a MacBook AIR. I’ve always avoided MacBook Airs because Intel’s low-power processors have always been a joke for doing anything remotely demanding, ”he wrote. “But, this MacBook competes with my Monster Gaming PC which packs an i7-10700K desktop processor. It certainly opens apps faster and navigates the operating system faster than my PC.

The only area where his PC has an advantage is graphics processing, he said, due to his “monstrous RTX 3070 which uses 10 times the power of my entire MacBook on its own.”

“This thing is the size of a mini fridge with water cooling and makes my desk vibrate when it’s on, so it’s not really a fair comparison lol,” he added.

How would you freeze an M1?

Redditors mentioned a handful of ways they found a bit sluggish in their M1 powered machines. Many others simply suggested various challenges. Here are some choice comments:

Mine gets a beach ball when I work with pixelmator pro or affinity photo lol.

Resident Evil 4.

Try OBS [Open Broadcaster Software] … That’s when he starts to struggle, and it’s only when he’s recording. If you were actually trying to broadcast it would probably catch on fire lol.

Just plugging in an external monitor and opening two small apps and my Macbook Air M1 struggles.

Emulate a Windows machine emulating a Mac PowerPC emulating a DOS machine emulating an arcade machine.

Emulate a PC with a Turbo button, really test the limits.

When I open large PDF files like college books and add highlights or annotations, my M1 Air struggles and gets the beach ball for a few seconds.

Just open Blender and start sculpting.

But can he play 10 different solitaire games at the same time?

Try [RuneScape] 3. It will probably use a lot more power than OSRS.

I managed to get a beach ball… download Tor and run it.

Not enough Google Chrome.

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