When is the next RuneScape Double XP event?

Get ready for the grind…

RuneScape servers are always busy when a Double XP the event is active. It’s a new year and everyone will be chasing those levels 99 and 120. It’s a great time to log in and get bonus XP just for playing and events often bring back players who may have already missed out. and are gone for a long time.

That being said, when can we expect the next Double XP event to occur in RuneScape?

When is the next Double XP event in RuneScape?

We most likely saw our last Double XP event of 2021 when the last one ended in November. In recent years there are usually no more than four events per year for obvious reasons they must be a big deal!

Looking towards the next event, we’re unlikely to see anything until late February 2022. Since 2014, there has been a Double or Bonus XP event around this time.

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We usually get plenty of notice when an event is planned

Given how the latest events have worked, we don’t expect any further changes as Jagex seems to have perfected the formula. Players get 48 hours of Double XP time to use over a period of approximately 10 days.

There was an outlier where the event lasted 21 days, but 10-day events are more likely to attract a large number of players due to their limited nature.

What rewards are available?

Typically, daily login rewards are available during a RuneScape Double XP weekend. Every day when you log in, you will receive an article related to the event.

In the past some of the items that were available are;

  • Protein packs (usually medium)
  • Protean Powerups (accelerating the use of protean objects)
  • Pulse Cores
  • Ash pits
  • training manikins
  • Combat training dummies
  • odds
  • Varied assortments

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